Scoop: Lizy Tagliani and a book that could be a biopic

Scoop: Lizy Tagliani and a book that could be a biopic
Scoop: Lizy Tagliani and a book that could be a biopic

“Sometime in 2021 Hernán Casciari realized that Lizy Tagliani was (plus a lot of things) a writer. She was on the radio program “Perros de la Calle”. The two shared that space and Casciari was fascinated for the way Lizy recounted the anecdotes that made up her life. In an intuitive and masterful way, each story had an introduction, conflict and outcome, with the detail that all these stories exhibited the surreal and terrible way in which Lizy “He had carried on his existence.”

This is how Orsai, Hernán Casciari’s publishing house, announces the pre-sale, next month, of the book “Lizy Tagliani, terrible happiness” which will cost about $25,000 when it reaches bookstores.
Lizy has a beautifully childlike soul. She plays, she has fun. She is fierce like any childhood, and also a tenderness made of white thread to make a handkerchief.“, she advances this book that could become the basis of a very interesting biopic about the life of someone who was born as Luisito, as she herself tells it.
Convinced Casciari that these narratives could not literally remain in the air, he decided to transfer the world of Lizy to paper.
For that, together with Josefina Licitra —editor of Orsai and this book—met several times with Lizy, recorder in hand, and they asked him to tell his life from the beginning.
The result is this book: an editorial record of the wonderful novel (wild and coherent, hilarious and dark) that Lizy kept in his head. And soon, like an exquisite banquet, it will reach the readers’ hands.
Today Lizy does radio every day with her own program on POP, hosts “La Peña de Morfi” on Telefe on Sundays with Diego Leuco and also continues with her one-man show at the Premier theater on Corrientes Street.

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