Economic crisis and Santiago trade: the analysis in Libertad de Opinión

Natalia Auat, Andrónico Suárez, Hugo Azar and Héctor Salvatierra, analyzed the different areas of the economy in this context that the country is experiencing.

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The different sectors of the economy are being affected by new consumer habits. In a particular context that the economy is experiencing more than three months after the inauguration of Javier Milei, Natalia Auat (butcher shops), Andrónico Suárez (food), Hugo Azar (textiles) and Héctor Salvatierra (real estate) were invited to Libertad de Opinión. ). They analyzed the new variables facing the consumer and the merchant.

Natalia Auat

Natalia Auat: butcher shop

The common reference would be “things are complicated” regardless of the field in which each one works. We are facing a new context, studying what consumer habits consist of because they all change. This means that the merchant has to adapt. Even sales strategies must change, and each person must analyze how to maneuver to maintain themselves. In our field, it is offering the client the possibility of adjusting prices and not reducing quality. We talk to the clients we have; If before they bought you for the whole week, now that is not done. Consumption habits have changed, and we adapt so as not to reduce sales volume.

Andronico Suarez

Andrónico Suárez: food

We live in a time of uncertainty because a purchase error can cause complications. We are realizing that there are products that are increasing, and we must adapt to new consumer habits.

Hugo AzarHugo Azar

Hugo Azar: textiles

The paradigm shift of any SME commercial activity is notable, from going from decades of an inflationary system to a system without inflation. Even the work methodology changes, you have to have good service, good attention and generate attraction for the client. Deploy all your ingenuity to maintain sales.

Hector SalvatierraHector Salvatierra

Héctor Salvatierra: real estate

In real estate matters there are complications. In recent years in Santiago we resisted the dollarization of the square meter, we have seen that the majority of investors always came from the dollar, which has been the hard currency to save and acquire a property. Now the square is facing a complicated panorama. The dollar values ​​that the market did not validate are maintained, and we are trying to move the market with a dollar that is not set in the nominal values.

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