Banco Nación launched incredible loans to buy electric motorcycles, skateboards and bicycles

Through the “Nación Móvil” credit line, Those interested in purchasing motorcycles, skateboards and electric bicycles, among other vehicles, have a wide line of personal loans at a preferential rate.

Banco Nación credit skateboard.jpg

Banco Nación launches a loan to buy skateboards, motorcycles and electric bikes.

Banco Nación: this is what the “Nación Móvil” loans are like

  • “Nación Móvil” credits allow you to finance up to 100% of the vehicle (motorcycles, skateboards and electric bicycles – also accessories).
  • The maximum amount is up to $15,000,000 (VAT included).
  • The payment term is 36 months (three years) in fixed monthly, equal and consecutive installments.

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Banco Nación loans for electric motorcycles.jpg

Electric motorcycles are also included in this Banco Nación credit.

Who can access the “Nación Móvil” credit from Banco Nación

  • Firstly, those who receive their salaries or collect their pensions at Banco Nación can access this loan at an interest rate of 48% (fixed TNA).
  • Those who do not meet this requirement can access the credit, with the same rate by debiting the loan fee on a BNA credit card, which can also be requested together with the credit.
  • The “Nación Móvil” credit will be made through the Bank’s store, where the available models and stocks will be detailed.
  • The financing, subject to credit approval, will be a single signature, and the signing of a promissory note in favor of the bank for the total amount of the agreed credit will be required.
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