Know the appliances that consume the most energy when turned off

Know the appliances that consume the most energy when turned off
Know the appliances that consume the most energy when turned off

Winter is approaching and it seems that during this time more than normal is spent on electricity, as people resort to frequent use of heating and other electrical appliances to stay warm.

To this we must add that during these months, the days are usually shorter and darkerwhich causes the home lights to turn on for longer.

For many people it is important to save energy in their homes, which is why it is often recommended keep lights and appliances off and unpluggedthose that allow it.

This is due to the fact that there are certain devices that iEven when turned off, they consume energy in the same way. Phantom consumption is the name given to this type of energy expenditure.

He phantom consumption It means that these appliances are running the electricity meter without being turned on and spending more than any other electronic device that is working.

Appliances that consume the most energy when turned off – Reference photo

Appliances with phantom consumption

The Semana portal analyzed the study carried out by the Lawrence Berkeley laboratory of the United States Department of Energy where they investigated the average consumption in watts (W) of various appliances, thus determining which ones consume the most energy:

Set-top boxes used for satellite or cable television consume power even when the TV is off. Some of these “decos” offer the option of recording programs, this being the option that uses the most energy.

Even when turned off, if connected to a power source, notebooks can consume up to 8.9 W/hour. In hibernation mode, this consumption can rise to 15.7 W.

When you leave the PC on but unoccupied, it will automatically enter a hibernation period during which it may consume 21.1 W.

Leaving your cell phone charging all night can be counterproductive. Once it reaches 100%, the device stops charging, but the charger continues to consume electricity.

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