The top executives of the Ibex 35 earn 80 times more than the staff: 4.6 million compared to 57,000 euros on average

The top executives of the Ibex 35 earn 80 times more than the staff: 4.6 million compared to 57,000 euros on average
The top executives of the Ibex 35 earn 80 times more than the staff: 4.6 million compared to 57,000 euros on average

Several panels of the Ibex 35, in the Madrid Stock Exchange Palace. Jesús Hellín / Europa Press

The gap between remuneration of the top executives and of the workers of companies listed on the IBEX 35 It is reducing, but it is still abysmal, if you take into account that in 2022 the first ones won 79.9 times more than the average of employees.

Thus, the average remuneration of the first executives of the ibex reached 4.6 million of euros in 2022, while the staff earned an average of 57,000 euros, with an increase compared to the previous year of 7%, which represented 4,100 euros more, according to the report on ‘Good Governance in Ibex 35 Companies′ by CCOO.

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The earnings of top executives depend greatly on the companies they work for. Inditex is the one that pays them the best, with 27 million eurosthey follow Iberdrola and Banco Santander with salaries higher than 10 million of euros. While on the opposite side they stand out Aena and Solaria, who pay them less than 200,000 euros.

Something similar happens with the set of boards of directors. Each counselor received on average 742 thousand euros in 2022, a figure lower by 28,000 euros compared to a year before. They were also those of Inditex the best paid with 3.5 million of euros on average. While the lowest remuneration was received by those in Aena, with 31,000 euros. In this company, the directors do not have a fixed salary assigned, but rather their remuneration depends on the allowances for attendance at board meetings.

Regarding the templates, the average wage it was of 57,000 euros in 2022, but in some companies it almost doubled. This was the case of Merlin Properties, with salaries that exceeded 100,000 euros, is followed by Colonial, with 87 thousand euros. Among the companies with the lowest salaries, Meliá Hotels stands out, with 17,000 euros, followed by Inditex, with 25,000 euros, says the CCOO report.

Investing for dividends in the IBEX can give small shareholders a return of 10%, triple that of bills.

The gender gap continues to exist in the Ibex 35 listed companies. average salary of women it was of 46,600 euros annually in 2022, lower than the men who received on average 57,800 euroswhich represents a salary difference of 11,000 euros.

In the case of Merlín Properties, gender pay differences reached 130,000 euros. While in companies where the salary difference benefits women They are Arcelor Mittal, Iberdrola and Meliá Hotels.

Those listed on the Ibex 35 improved shareholder remuneration in 2022 until they distributed in total 23.9 billion euros in dividends, a figure higher than that registered in 2021, which was 19.9 billion, which is 20% more. This remuneration has represented 46% of consolidated profits.

The interest of these companies in pleasing their shareholders meant that in four of them the dividend exceeded their consolidated result: Colonial, Merlín Properties, Ferrovial and Enagás.

The most extreme case was that of Cellnex that distributed dividends even though had losses in its consolidated result. While Grifols, IAG, Meliá Hotels, Red Eléctrica and Solaria did not give dividends in 2022 although they closed the year with a positive consolidated result.

Among companies with higher dividends in 2022 it stands out Inditex, with 3.7 billion of euros, 90% of the consolidated result, and Iberdrola, with 3.2 billion.

In 2022, the companies listed on the Ibex 35 had a workforce of 1.2 million workers, 0.3% less than the previous year. Five companies had workforces of more than 100,000 people and accounted for 57% of the total workforce. Banco Santander stood out with the largest workforce, 206,000 workers, followed by Inditex, ACS, BBVA and Telefónica. On the opposite side was Solaria, with 191 employees.

Regarding the age of the employees, the 52.3% are between 30 and 50 years old. In the case of Inditex, 57.4% of its workers are under 30 years old. While in Aena, 62% are over 50 years old, and in Acciona, 54%.

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