Mother says she saves money to give the Elden Ring DLC ​​to her autistic son despite her financial problems and other players offer their help to buy it

Video game communities always give us stories that make us proud as gamers, especially those generated on platforms like Reddit, where players respond healthily to certain publications. The last one is that of a gamer mother, who said that she was saving money to buy the Elden Ring DLC ​​for her son, to which the community responded by offering help so that she can obtain it as soon as possible.

In a post on the game’s subreddit, this gamer mom posted a post with the title “My son doesn’t know I’ve been saving up to buy him the new game,” saying: “I’m going to surprise him, he deserves it so much; He has had a hard time with school not meeting his needs (he has autism), but he is having a great time and I am very proud of him and I tell him that every day. “We’ve been going through some tough times financially, but I’ve been saving up to buy this for him for a while now.”

“I can’t wait to see your face! I hope she lives up to the hype, as she really enjoyed Elden Ring. Very well earned, what an absolute guy he is! I just wanted to share something happy! “The proudest mother of all,” she said happily.

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Given that and knowing that he was saving money to be able to buy it and probably still without having it complete after the DLC was launched this Friday, June 21, several players responded saying that they could help him with money. A couple of users even told him that they could directly give him the DLC so that his son could get it on the platform where he would play it and so he wouldn’t have to continue raising the money. In addition, many congratulated her by sharing that they also have autism and that they would have loved to receive a surprise like that when they were little.

But although the community’s intentions were moving, the user commented that she just wanted to share her pride in raising the money to buy the DLC and that she had already raised the necessary amount. In an update to the post, he says: “TWO very kind redditors have sent me messages offering to give you the game, I haven’t accepted (I have the money for it) but when I tell you that I am beaming with so much kindness and positivity in this post, I’m not kidding!”

“This whole post is so wholesome! People want to send this gift to my little boy just because he made them smile. “How amazing is that?” he stated happily.

A story that, as I said, is one of those that restores your faith in humanity and shows that gamer communities are really healthy when they set their minds to it.

Elden Ring goes from 100 thousand to 730 thousand players on STEAM thanks to the DLC and although they complain about its difficulty, its creator will not lower it because “it would ruin the game”

The day has finally arrived and many players who were eagerly awaiting the Elden Ring DLC ​​will be able to live new adventures after its launch this June 21. And although many players had prepared themselves by leveling up, accumulating good weapons and improving their skills to face this new challenge, many say that no matter how good you are at playing Elden Ring, “you are not prepared” for its level of difficulty.

This is even though critics have enthusiastically received this downloadable content and players are responding massively. Surprisingly, however, there is one game that, at the moment, surpasses it in number of simultaneous players.

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