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When thinking about investment destinations in Colombia, one of the regions that has the most strength is the Caribbean Coast. Proof of this are the recent wind energy projects that are being promoted there or the arrival of new commercial projects to the main cities of this part of the country.

Opportunities for expansion, flexibility and tax incentives and access to a workforce that can be trained according to the needs of companies; These are some of the attractions that the Colombian Caribbean currently has. for investors, who with their arrival, contribute to the economic development of these territories.

Fitch Ratings

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The most recent business news for this part of the country came from Montería, capital of the department of Córdoba, which received good news from one of the largest risk agencies in the world and made a point of consolidating itself as a destination. for the arrival of new capital.

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Fitch Ratings, one of the most important risk rating agencies in the world -with more than 110 years of experience- granted a new credit rating to the capital of Cordoba, maintaining financial solidity and strong payment capacity, after placing it in the AA and F1+ range, which is one of the most notable in the market.

Mayor of Montería, Hugo Kerguelen.

Courtesy – Mayor’s Office of Montería.

For the mayor of Montería, Hugo Kerguelen, this rating defines the city with a very low expectation of risk in default, in relation to other issuers or obligations in the country; achieving the second best rating on the scale used by Fitch Ratings in the analysis of government entities in Colombia.

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Thus, the local president celebrated this qualification and highlighted that it leaves the city in a good moment to present plans for new debt for up to $200,000 million pesos to support investments in educational infrastructure and improvements; of which $50,000 million They are destined for educational infrastructure and 150 thousand for rural and urban roads.

Colombian pesos

Colombian pesos


“The credit rating by Fitch Ratings is an endorsement of the government plan and the strategic plans to improve the city’s finances, which allows for greater effectiveness and good income management with financial tools to increase the volume of investment. ; giving a leap in the quality of life indicators of the people of Monterrey,” Kerguelén highlighted.

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With this good news, according to the authorities of this city, trust is generated and the doors are opened to new investment possibilities for the generation of income and the offer of new employment positions and it announces from now on that its new goal will be to advance to the AAA rating.




“In this evaluation of the rating agency we can highlight several strategic axes that will mark the development of Montería in the next four years and will lay the foundations for a long-term competitiveness platform such as 27,000 income-generating occupations or the boost to the rural strength of the municipality. , by promoting employment and rural entrepreneurship, and investing in innovation and technological development for the rural sector, to greater competitiveness and efficiency of productive units in rural areas,” added the Mayor.

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Likewise, they were emphatic that this qualification becomes a reason to accelerate investment in the optimization of the productive chains of the agro-industrial and livestock sector and the strengthening of the capital of Cordoba as a tourist destination, diversifying the offer of attractions and events around nature and science.



Gudilfredo Avendaño

Montería is currently working on consolidating its chain of tourist services by supporting enterprises such as the city’s tourist guides and in the construction of infrastructure that supports the operation and promotion of the city.

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