Nu Bank, savings account with better profits than a CTD

Nu Bank, savings account with better profits than a CTD
Nu Bank, savings account with better profits than a CTD

The annual effective rate of this savings account exceeds those of the main CDTs in Colombia.

In colombia,Savings accounts have established themselves as a financial toolessential that allows citizens to manage their money and control their monthly expenses. Offered by most banks in the country, these accounts not only make saving easy but also provide various benefits to their customers.

However, in recent times, citizens’ attention has gone beyond simple savings, focusing oninvestments that boost your income.

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In this context, Nu Bank, the new bank in Colombia that has more than 100 million clients in Brazil, Mexico and now in the country, has revolutionized the financial landscape with its savings account.

Nu Bank Savings Account Offers 13% Annual Cash

This bank offers its clients the possibility of moving part of their money to the innovative ‘savings account’, whichpromises a return of 13% Annual Cash. As stated on its website, Nu Bank guarantees profits from day one.

This rate of return offered by Nu Bank has become a benchmark andcomparison with the rates of Term Deposit Certificates (CDT)from some of the main banks in Colombia.

For example, Bancolombia guarantees a rate of 12.25% on CDT for 360 days, while Banco Pichincha offers 12%, Banco Itaú 11.15%, and Bancoomeva 11.10%.

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Faced with these figures, many Colombians looking to grow their money have seen the Nu Bank savings account as an extremely attractive alternative.The 13% yield not only beats many CDT ratesmentioned, but also provides a flexible and easily accessible option for investors.

Additionally, Nu Bank has made the experience of its customers even easier by sending their debit cards to their homes, allowing them to pay and purchase at any commercial establishment.

Can I withdraw with the Nu Bank card at ATMs?

ThisDebit card allows withdrawals at any ATM in the Mastercard networkin Colombia, although with an additional charge of $6,800. In the case of withdrawals at international ATMs, users should consider the applicable fees which, in some cases, may be lower than those of other international ATMs.

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