Who are Mark and Christina Bezos, Jeff’s siblings who trusted the founder of Amazon from the beginning and are now also billionaires

With a very risky strategy, the owner of Amazon risked the assets of his brothers, but the move was positive for everyone.


At the moment, Jeff Bezosfounder and president of amazonis the second richest person in the world, with a fortune of US$ 173,000 million. However, his brothers Mark and Christina have also become millionaireseach with assets exceeding US$1 billion, thanks to a strategy that Bezos himself implemented.

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The thing is that when no one trusted the plan and the company that was just beginning to take its first steps, it was the two of them who dared to bet on their brother’s company. And that support was really worth it.


Thanks to the investment made by his brothers, Jeff Bezos was able to create Amazon.


Mark and Christina Bezos’ help to Jeff in the beginnings of Amazon

In 1996, when amazon It was still a small digital bookstore and not the technological giant we know today, Mark and Christina Bezos invested US$10,000 each in the company, acquiring 30,000 shares each.

When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in July 1994dedicated himself to looking for people who trusted his project and contributed capital, holding around 60 meetings with family, friends and potential investors.

Few decided to bet on Amazon in those early days, including Mark and Christina. The company went public in May 1997, in full dotcom bubble. Despite market volatility, Bezos’ leadership allowed Amazon to not only survive, but thrive.

Since then, Amazon shares have generated an investment return of 10,250,000% for the Bezos brotherswhich allowed them to join the exclusive group of billionaires, made up of less than 4,000 people worldwide (0.005% of the population).

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