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A few days ago we reported that the popular voice actress Inori Minase had been the focus of attention because it was reported that his official Twitter account had been hacked by a third party. Although the topic remained there, Others decided to investigate further and have presented a theory where they claim that, in fact, it was the voice actress herself who “sabotaged herself.”

During the alleged hack, Inori Minase’s official Twitter account shared a post and criticized those who use her photographs without her permission, writing: “Idiots don’t heed Minase’s warnings». The post was immediately deleted, but it appears that another Twitter account known as “Doyakonga (ドヤコンガ)“.

  • In the image: [(1) La cuenta citada está usando fotografías de un álbum de Inori Minase sin su permiso. (2) La cuenta oficial de Twitter de Inori Minase cita esta publicación y advierte: “Los idiotas no hacen caso de las advertencias de Minase”. (3) La publicación oficial en cuestión es eliminada en cuestión de minutos. (4) Al mismo tiempo, la cuenta de Twitter de fans “Doyakonga” desaparece, luego de que se sospechara que Inori Minase pretendía hacer la publicación de (2) en esa cuenta]

This account, “Doyakonga”, is an Inori Minase fan account that knows a lot about the popular voice actress, knows a lot of unpublished information about the artist and is very derogatory towards other actresses in the medium. Inori Minase’s official Twitter account then posted the statement we covered this weekend, claiming that the account had been hacked by a third party.

However, the theory states that Inori Minase was wrong and it was she herself who was behind the now-defunct “Doyakonga” Twitter account. To explain this, it turns out that Twitter has an option where you can quickly switch between the accounts you have access to. The theory then says that Inori Minase forgot that she was on her official account and made this publication thinking she was like “Doyakonga”.

While it is unlikely that the theory will be proven in the future, the fact that Inori Minase’s name is related to that of “Doyakonga” only extends the theory further. It turns out that this Twitter account, which we already explained is an Inori Minase fan account, has launched intense criticism in the past towards other actresses in the medium. As explained by “@real_shukaijo_F”:

  • The account has a lot of unpublished information about Inori Minase.
  • The account posted many defamatory messages towards voice actresses other than Inori Minase.
  • The account had the same hobbies as the voice actress.
  • The writing style and use of emoticons is the same as the voice actress’s official posts.
  • The number of posts about the voice actress’s feelings and emotions is extremely high.
  • After suspicion arose that Inori Minase was behind this account, it was immediately deleted.

And of course, there is also the list of voice actresses mentioned by this account:

  • Aoi Yuuki (good), Miyuki Sawashiro (good), Saori Hayami (model to follow), Haruka Tomatsu (model to follow), Yukari Tamura (awesome), Nana Mizuki (awesome), Ayane Sakura (awesome). It should be noted that Inori Minase worked with all of them in the past.
  • Yui Ogura (she doesn’t know how to lip sync at live concerts, the songs she supposedly wrote were actually written by other people, agencies force productions to hire her, she’s not good at attracting her fans); Yuka Iguchi (her albums are not sold, she had plastic surgery and increased the size of her breasts); Akari Kitou and Yuu Serizawa (they had plastic surgery on multiple occasions); Saori Oonishi (she is hiding her marriage to Rikuya Yasuda); Miku Itou (he ignored my greetings); Maaya Uchida (the sales of their products are not as big as they say).

It should be noted that all the comments mentioned above are mere rumors started by “Doyakonga”, so they must be taken with great caution. However, it is possible that the gossip and entertainment media in Japan, such as the detested Weekly Bunshun, will begin to investigate all of these names before long. The situation seems to be under control for Inori Minase thanks to the mention of the alleged hacking, but is she telling the truth?


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