The creator of Baby Reindeer spoke and made a desperate request

The creator of Baby Reindeer spoke and made a desperate request
The creator of Baby Reindeer spoke and made a desperate request

Written in PRESENT he 5/1/2024 · 11:30 a.m.

Baby Reindeer it’s the new one series from Netflix that is causing a sensation and that already has many fans around the world. So much so, that it began to transcend the screen. It was mentioned at the beginning that the story tells an event based on real life, so the creator was forced to issue a warning and a request for fans.

In recent weeks the series It arrived on Netflix and began to climb in terms of popularity. Not only in Argentina, but also in all parts of the world. The thing is that this one has that special seasoning which is the fact that a real story is the basis of the events that happen.

However, to the surprise of Richard Gaddthe creator of Baby Reindeerthe series It began to transcend the screen, since people began to be curious about who the people who carried out these events could be but in real life.

There are two key questions that those who saw it began to want to discover. One of them is who is the stalker who is chasing the protagonist, and the other is trying to discover who is the famous comedian who abuses the protagonist during a comedy festival.

Wanting to find the abuser, The Sun published a note stating that her name would be Fiona Harvey. So her fans attacked her through social media.

However, as for the comedian who would have helped the protagonist in Baby Reindeer, he would have drugged and abused him, nothing is known. However, people speculate and try to find who is responsible for this fact. In this situation, Richard Gadd He came out to talk to calm the waters.

“Hello everyone. People I love, worked with, and admire (including Sean Foley) are being unfairly put under speculation. Please do not speculate on who in real life it could have been. It’s not the point of the show. Lots of love”, expressed the creator of the series to try to stop the public’s desire to find him.

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