The British press describes Queen Letizia with one word after the reunion with her daughter Leonor in Zaragoza

The British press describes Queen Letizia with one word after the reunion with her daughter Leonor in Zaragoza
The British press describes Queen Letizia with one word after the reunion with her daughter Leonor in Zaragoza

Whatever they do, Kings Felipe VI (55 years old) and Letizia (51 years old) they always attract attention of the national and international press. Whether it is an institutional event or a private outing, the monarchs make headlines and each gesture or look is analyzed in detail. The same thing happened today during the king’s third swearing-in of the flag. on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its promotion of the Army. The queen’s admiration for her husband or his relaxed attitude have caught her attention. And if we add to this the presence of Princess Leonor (18 years old), interest in this reunion is more than assured.

That is why it should not surprise us that the British press has echoed of this reunion between parents and daughter. What has surprised us is their reaction. A clear example has been the ‘Daily Mail’, which has analyzed in detail all the interactions between the members of the Spanish royal family. “Queen Letizia is beaming with pride while King Felipe is recognized for his military service”, headlines the English publication. In addition, it has highlighted that during the event there were “a very special spectator among the cadets!“.


Some words that convey like the aforementioned medium has been pleasantly surprised by the behavior of the monarch during this event and has highlighted the importance of the reunion with the future queen. “Her pride in him was boosted by the fact that there was a very special cadet among the crowd gathered to celebrate the king: his 18-year-old daughter and heir, Princess Eleanor,” they explain.

In addition, they have also positively valued the steps forward that the princess has been taking for a few years. “He has been making solo appearances and training at the Military Academy to make sure she is prepared for her future in the monarchy,” the aforementioned media reports.

The unprecedented posing of Kings Felipe and Letizia with Leonor: the symbolic gestures

During the event we were able to see the monarchs and the princess separately. They were in the box, from which only the king came down at the time of swearing in the flag, and the princess formed rows with her companions. However, shortly after finishing the event, the official account of the Royal House on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) shared an unpublished image of the private reunion of Felipe, Letizia and Leonor.

Twitter @CasaReal

In the photograph we can see parents and daughter with the same outfits looking smiling at the camera. But there is more. The family’s pose hides more things than we can perceive at first glance. The first is that the kings have decided to place themselves, one on each side of their daughter, as a kind of protective shield.

Another detail is that they have taken the decision to take the image with its styles officers. A way to visibly represent your institutional role. And, the last symbolic aspect, would be the location: the academy patio. The place where Leonor is studying and which was also home of the monarch when he was younger.

The great absence in the reunion of the kings and Princess Leonor

Although the images of the reunion of Felipe, Letizia and Leonor have softened our hearts It was inevitable to think that someone was missing from that idyllic picture: Infanta Sofía (17 years old). The youngest daughter of the monarchs has become, so far this year, the great absentee from most institutional events. The reason is none other than her training. The young woman is at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales, completing her International Baccalaureate. A distance that It prevents him from being able to attend the events on the royal agenda.

Even so, his non-attendance at this event has caused more pain than on other occasions because of the sentimental component that it kept. Added to this is that just a few days ago, last Monday, April 29, the young woman turned 17 years old. In fact, we were able to take a look at how she celebrated her birthday thanks to a friend’s photo that she uploaded to social media. Although the princess’s face could not be seen, this gesture violated the golden rule of the kings who had asked that photographs of Sofia not be taken. so he could have a normal life.

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