The moving moment of Doña Hilda, Omar Geles’ mother, singing “The Paths of Life” in tribute to her son

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While the attendees sobbed in front of Omar Geles’ coffin, Mrs Hilda Suarez She remained shocked to see her dead son. The death of this renowned accordion player and composer, on May 21, He left a void in the hearts of those who love Vallenato folklore.

With the songs of Silvestre Dangond, Iván Villazón, Miguel Morales, and the presence of Jean Carlos Centeno, Jorge Celedón and Carlos Vives, They paid a posthumous tribute during the wake.

Miguel Morales said while crying that Omar was the first to extend his hand when his son Kaleth Morales died. another legend of vallenato.

“I want to express what I had never said: the person who first approached me with the death of my son It was Omar.“said Miguel Morales, shedding tears.

Mrs. Hildawith the pain in her heart, she sang loudly that album that her son Omar composed for her, where he promised her that everything would change, since “The ways of the life” It was the purest sign of love turned into a promise.

When saying goodbye, the singer’s mother told the followers who accompanied her: “You are going to forgive me because Omar Geles has not been dead for many days and so, I don’t know why he told me not to mourn him, but I I’ll keep it to you, I can’t say anything else, thank you for coming tonight.”

The former Minister of Culture of Colombia, María Consuelo Araujo, who is an expert in vallenato, also spoke remembering the composer whom he managed to meet in person.

“I was captured by his way of being and I became practically his faithful follower after knowing his heart, He was a person of immense kindness, of a very rare humility in the world of artists because Omar had zero egos.; he said it himself Carlos Vives, “Omar Geles had no problem with his songs being sung by others ahead of him,” said the former minister.

With Geles, the memories of those times go away when music was heard at full volume, while people sang the lyrics of a song like a butterfly, The ways of the life, It’s pain, I met him late, My follies, The greatest love on the planetand it will be these melodies that will keep the artist alive in the memories of those who discovered him.

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