New video of Britney Spears on social networks causes concern

New video of Britney Spears on social networks causes concern
New video of Britney Spears on social networks causes concern

The publications of Britney Spears On their social networks they always attract attention and, in some cases, cause concern.

That is precisely what just happened with his latest video shown on his Instagram profile. Although she can be seen smiling and happy in the sea. What she makes of her, her gestures and actions have once again created commotion. Especially after the scandal involving a strong fight in a hotel in Los Angeles.

Although the artist has deactivated the comments for some time now so that no one can answer or criticize her, it has been inevitable that her post has once again been on everyone’s lips.

Britney Spears.

(Photo by James Devaney/WireImage)

One of the people who has raised their voice asking for help has been the driver Laura Bozzowho could not help but feel very sad when seeing this moment of what was one of the great musical artists.

“It breaks my heart to see how a great artist has ended up and that her family does nothing to help her. (They) profited from her, they exploited her, they robbed her… Her children and her husband’s support do not even take care of her” , reads the writing of the Peruvian communicator.

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In this case, Britney is shown completely naked, making suggestive movements and showing her derriere. The video once again puts on the table the situation of the artist who calls herself Xila Maria River Red on said social platform.

Separation almost a year ago from her husband Sam Asghari It was a hard blow in her life, news that has been followed by other unpleasant situations that put the artist in the spotlight.

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