Noelia Marzol’s couple’s dilemma with her husband: she dreams of having more children and he considers having a vasectomy

Noelia Marzol’s couple’s dilemma with her husband: she dreams of having more children and he considers having a vasectomy
Noelia Marzol’s couple’s dilemma with her husband: she dreams of having more children and he considers having a vasectomy

Noelia Marzol stated that she wants to have another child, although her partner is considering having a vasectomy

Beyond the sleepless nights, the diapers and the energy that comes with raising her children, she knows that her longing is stronger. One year after the birth of Alfonsina, and three from Donatello, Noelia Marzol she wants to become a mother again for the third time. However, an obstacle stands in the way of her desire: Her husband wants to have a vasectomy.

In the midst of his new work projects, his work in sex and the recording of Millennials On Netflix, the young woman expressed her desire to become a mother again. It all happened when Marzol was invited to talk on the program Beautiful morning by Radio Splendid. “You already have Donatello, you have Alfonsina. Has the factory closed or is there still the possibility of more members joining the family?” La Criti (Nahuel Saa) asked him. Excited, the dancer responded: “My husband doesn’t want to know anything more and I still want to, I long for one more. Now I am with a personal project, but I am ready for one more. And yesterday I sat him down and it was like a challenge. And I told him okay, if you’re sure that you don’t want anything else, get the vasectomy you told me so much about”.

Noelia Marzol and Ramiro Arias showed their children

Faced with his partner’s challenge, Ramiro Arias He stopped his plans and reflected. “And he told me no, because at one point he was very convinced: ‘that I have a vasectomy, that’s it, we close the factory’. And yesterday he told me: ‘well, I’ll wait. We wait a few years and see.’ The truth is that it was exhausting (raising his two children). Just now we have a few moments of them being left alone playing. But you saw the typical thing they tell you: ‘oh great, you’ll raise them both together.’ Well, a month ago that was a dream, a utopia,” Marzol commented.

After a few years of upbringing, Noelia told what the family dynamic is like: “Donatello turned three years old yesterday. And Alfonsina one. For now it is a utopia that they play alone and that we do not stare, that they do not kill themselves, because being a mother is like the challenge of not committing suicide. “I don’t understand where the animal instinct for survival is.”

Noelia Marzol’s son threw a whole stew at her

A little over a month ago, the actress experienced a striking home situation when she had an accident involving Donatello. On that occasion, her son caused an unexpected incident that took her mother by surprise and worried her followers. “Being a mother is so…” began the Instagram story of the dancer, who uploaded a fragment of one of the recordings from her home camera. The device captured one of the biggest pranks of the little boy, who was next to the actress sitting on the couch. Just a few seconds later, the boy decided to move from his place and walk a few steps, which started a disaster.

Before he could avoid it, the infant stumbled and He threw a plate full of lentil stew at the actress on. “Donatello, what did you want to do, love?” Marzol is heard calmly saying to his son, who begins to cry when he realizes what she had caused. Far from getting angry with him, the interpreter stood at her level and tried to calm him down as best as possible: “It’s okay, my love. “Will you let me change?” She tells him while she was cleaning up the remains of the food left around the room after the incident.

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