What Fátima Florez did not want to be known about her past was confirmed: “She hates it”

In the last hours Some details of Fátima Florez’s past that Javier Milei’s ex-girlfriend did not want to be known were confirmed.If Fatima doesn’t mean it, I understand her.“, said Karina Ranni in dialogue with Start the daythe program hosted by Amalia “Yuyito” González on the screen of City Magazine.

Fatima Florez is one of the humorists most recognized in the country, not only for their work in some of the most popular programs but also for their recent, and fleeting, courtship with president Javier Milei. But the comedian also has a past that she denies and although she wanted to deny it, two of her former colleagues came out to deny it.

A young, and red, Fátima Florez with Las Primas (PH: Pronto Magazine)

The thing is that even though Fátima tried to hide it, was part of Las Primasa musical group that was successful in the early 2000s and that aspired to be a national version of the Spice Girls. One of her companions from that time who confirmed that Florez was a member of the group was Karina Ranni. “If Fatima doesn’t want to say it, I understand her. She said that she was a substitute on a tour of Peru and it may be true, because there was a lot of rotation of girls, but it was Prima“Ranni said in an interview with “Yuyito” González.

A young, and red, Fátima Florez with Las Primas (PH: Pronto Magazine)

I was Prima in 2000 with Fátima… if she had not been Prima, I would not have met Norberto and today I would not be Fátima Florez. Everything happens and happens for a reason“, added Karen Salas, another former partner of the comedian in the past. In that sense, the singer gave unknown details about Fátima’s relationship with Norberto Marcos, her ex-husband: “Fatima did not have a good relationship with her family, I don’t know why specifically. Norberto was a very supportive part of her life. He named her Fatima because her name was Eugenia and we called her Eugene.“.

A young, and red, Fátima Florez with Las Primas (PH: Pronto Magazine)

Besides, Soon He turned to his own archive and discovered unpublished material from Las Primas in which Fátima Florez is seen with her companions (Verónica Donángelo, Karen Salas Correa and Daniela Muñoz), a group she joined through the casting of manager Norberto Marcos, who sought to renew the staff. “These are the Primas of 2000, we are not the same as before, because they came back with the idea of ​​redoing the whole, but not with the same girls“Salas told the newspaper in an interview at that time. Black river.

What Fátima Florez said about her past in Las Primas

It was the journalist Paula Varela who was able to speak with Fátima Florez to consult her on this topic. “She doesn’t want it to be known because she was a substitute cousin on tours, and she hates this moment in her life.“explained the panelist from Show Partners (The thirteen).

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