Don Omar reveals that he has cancer

Don Omar reveals that he has cancer
Don Omar reveals that he has cancer

Don Omar revealed in the early hours of this Monday, June 17, through his social networks, that he has cancerwithout giving many details about the diagnosis he received.

Today yes, but tomorrow I won’t have cancer. Good intentions are well received. See you soon,” the reggaeton artist wrote, accompanying the message with a photograph of his hand with a hospital handle.

Don Omar did not give further details about the illness he suffers from, such as how long ago he was diagnosed or what type of cancer he has.

Doubts arise as to whether this illness that he is beginning to battle will affect the second concert tour he has scheduled for the United States starting in August.

Don Omar also announced some time ago that he intended to return to Colombia with his show.

Faced with the news, his fans gave him messages of solidarity: “Health was given to you at birth, we are not going to war for victory, we are going to war VICTORIOUS TO TAKE WHAT WAS ALREADY GIVEN TO US! The blood of Christ has already cleansed your body

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