Henry Cavill celebrated Father’s Day by confirming that he will be a dad

Henry Cavill celebrated Father’s Day by confirming that he will be a dad
Henry Cavill celebrated Father’s Day by confirming that he will be a dad

Henry Cavill announced on his social networks that he will become a father soon, accompanying the message with a photograph in which he appears in the baby’s room on the way.

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This past weekend, the Anglo-Saxon world celebrated the Father’s day and, searching for the appropriate words for said anniversary, Henry Cavill has ended up confirming news that he himself announced a couple of months ago on a red carpet: that, at 41 years old and with his partner, Natalie Viscusois expecting her first child.

It was during the premiere in NY of his new action film, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare —still without title or official date in Spain—, directed by Guy Ritchiethe interpreter made an open secret official with the phrase “Natalie and I are very, very excited.“, just as he thanked a journalist who congratulated him on the news for a compliment.

Now, and through a selfie that he has uploaded to his account instagramwhere he has almost 27 million followers, the actor Argylle either Mission Impossible: Fallout has used the Father’s day to explain that you are joining said club and, in the process, ask for some guidance and advice.

“Oh yes… and happy Father’s day to all the parents who read me”, the protagonist of The Man of Steel began by writing in an image in which he shows in the background what is assumed to be the baby’s room, given that he already has the crib and all the instruments set up. and needs that this new role requires.

“It turns out that I am going to join your sacred ranks very soon! Any advice?” he continued Cavill, who has joked with his followers, who know his geekiest side. “And don’t worry, there won’t be as many cushions in the crib when the little one arrives, just glue and scalpels so he can build his miniatures of Warhammer“he added jokingly.

Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso

Among the comments, many congratulations for Henry and for his partner, as well as a large number of fans “complain” that it will not be with them that the actor has decided to embark on this new stage of his life, but with the production company of Vertigo Entertainmentwith whom he made his relationship official, also through instagramin April 2021, after months of rumors.

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