Anna Kournikova publishes photos of her children with Enrique Iglesias for the first time

Anna Kournikova publishes photos of her children with Enrique Iglesias for the first time
Anna Kournikova publishes photos of her children with Enrique Iglesias for the first time

Sunday, June 16, was Father’s Day in the United States, celebrated every third Sunday in June. As is customary on this date, social networks were filled with dedications and tributes to the parents, with photos and words full of emotion. anna Kournikova stood out by sharing unpublished images from the family album, showing the singer Enrique Iglesias with each of his children.

In the first image that Anna has shared, we see Enrique Iglesias next to Nicholas, one of the six-year-old twins, in an endearing selfie just before boarding a plane. The scene radiates complicity and joy, capturing a special moment between father and son before a trip together. In the next photograph, Lucy, Nicholas’s twin sister, appears next to her father, hugging her. Finally, in the third and final image that Anna has shared, we see Maria, the youngest of the family at just four years old, while sharing a fun moment with her father. As we can see in the images, the boy has a marked resemblance to her mother, with blue eyes and blonde hair, while the little girl shows more features similar to Enrique.

Anna accompanied these images with an emotional message: “Happy Father’s Day to my man and all the dads!” His publication did not go unnoticed, receiving the affectionate comment of Chabelithe older sister of Enrique Iglesias, who left several hearts as a sign of her approval and affection for the sweet family that Anna and Enrique have formed.

These images have captured global attention because Anna and Enrique have always valued privacy. In fact, the athlete had not shared any image since May 8, 2022, when she celebrated her husband’s birthday.

But Anna has not been the only one to take advantage of this special day to publicly show her pride in her partner. Agueda Lopezwife Luis Fonsi, He did it too. In his publication, López wrote: «I know that you are sad today because you would like to celebrate this day with your children, just as they would like to be with you. But Mika and Rocco “They know and understand that sometimes their dad has to be in another country working, and all that sacrifice you make is for them and for them.”

From the field to social networks

Anna Kournikova, born under the Moscow sky on June 7, 1981, traced her path from the tennis courts to a universe of influence. At 43 years old, she has a digital community of almost 2 million followers, who accompany her on a journey that goes beyond sports.

Their presence on social networks is woven with photos that capture the essence of family life, videos that reveal their passion for sports and endearing moments with their pets. The 1990s and early 2000s saw her rise as one of the most admired athletes globally, where her beauty and personality dazzled as much as her victories. After retiring from professional tennis in 2003 due to back injuries, Anna found a new balance in a more private life, focused on her family and her other interests. She highlights her relationship with Enrique Iglesias, with whom she has formed a family full of love and complicity. Together, they have created a home in Miami, where they enjoy a quiet life in a luxurious residence with a private bay.

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