Camilo’s sincericide during a talk with Stefi Roitman: “I prejudged you because…”

Camilo’s sincericide during a talk with Stefi Roitman: “I prejudged you because…”
Camilo’s sincericide during a talk with Stefi Roitman: “I prejudged you because…”

The singer spoke openly about what he felt the first time he saw his brother-in-law’s wife.

June 19, 2024, 8:35 p.m.

Watch the moment when Camilo admits to Stefi Roitman why he prejudged her. (Source: Video: Instagram/pensabamosmal – Photo: Instagram/camilo -Stefiroitman)

On many occasions, Camilo has been very open around their feelings and personal issues. On this occasion, the musician shared a talk on the podcast we thought wrong next to Stefi Rotiman and made a strong confession.

Without mincing words, Evaluna Montaner’s husband and Roitman’s brother-in-law revealed what he experienced when he met her for the first time: “I prejudged you, I tell you the truth.”

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And he continued explaining: “I prejudged you for being pretty. I’ll tell you why. I met you face to face. I saw you at the launch event for Messi’s Cirque du Soleil in Barcelona. I was there and suddenly this very pretty girl. And I didn’t have much context for anything.”.

The confession to Stefi Roitman. (Source: Instagram/pensabamosmal)

While Ricky Montaner’s wife laughed upon hearing Camilo’s sincericide, the Colombian continued explaining his logic of thought: “But she approached me and greeted me as very cool. And what I thought was several things. I said, she is very pretty. It must be a person’s breast. Because very pretty women are sometimes like prejudice, right? Or it must not be so interesting. It must be only because, of course, one says, the prettier, the less interesting. And the more beautiful she is, the less profound she is.”

“Then, of course, when it was so cool, I said, ah, no, apart from being pretty, then it’s also fake. Oh, and pretending to be so cool, no. Because, of course, if she is very pretty, then she knows that she is pretty. Then he goes to look over her. But no, of course. Then when I met her, I was like, ah. And there I collided with that,” she concluded.

Mau Montaner confessed that he was jealous of Camilo

Months ago, Mau Montaner and Camilo They sat down to talk face to face on the podcast The Why Project and they took all the clothes out into the sun. The brothers-in-law and friends opened up about the jealousy and envy they have felt for each other at different times in their careers.

It was Ricardo Montaner’s son who was first encouraged to reveal what he felt in the past when Camilo’s musical career took off and he achieved great worldwide fame: “It was at the moment when you started to do spectacularly, that I felt immense jealousy for what was happening to you.”, he expressed.

The open heart conversation. (Source: capture YouTube/The Why Project)

And he continued to relate: “Because I saw that you were growing and that I, this friend of yours, who kind of did all this with you, was left behind and I felt that you were no longer going to be interested in continuing to relate to me because you had already gone to another level.”

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