what happened to him

what happened to him
what happened to him

After this, he pointed out the symptoms that made him feel even worse: “I felt very strong chest pain, it was difficult for me to walk, it was difficult for me to take two steps, it was even difficult for me to go to the bathroom. So I told my brother: ‘well, take me to the hospital urgently because I can’t take it anymore.’ My mother is just hospitalized on the floor above because she also had the flu.”

After this, he went deeper and explained why his case became so complicated: he has 6 stents. “Ten years ago I had worn them, I continued with the medications, but I never followed the treatment as I had to, and my arteries clogged and here I am. They are cleaning everything and they did a catheterization, all those things,” explained Mini. Given this, Etchegoyen asked: “Juan, in the story you gave me yesterday, they told me that when you arrived at the hospital where you were you decompensated… well, that’s where the biggest concern occurs, was that like that?”

“I didn’t give any more. I asked the doctors to take me to therapy because I couldn’t take it anymore.“, explained the comedian and then delved into the moment that caused the most concern among the doctors: “It seems that I had high blood sugar and they gave me a medication that I couldn’t wake up, I became drowsy., that’s what it’s called, I had no reaction and they urgently went to do some tests on me. I tell you the truth, it was the best, I was eating with my brother and I told him ‘I’m going to take a nap’, nothing more. The doctors were desperate because they didn’t know what to do, they couldn’t wake me up., they had no reaction. Thank God I am very well and thank God he allows me to stay alive, but it was a scare,” he explained.

After this explanation, Etchegoyen wanted to know: “What did the doctor say to you when you woke up?” Juan Carlos, in response to this, revealed: “I was not aware of anything that had happened, they began to tell me everything. For me I was living a dream, with a lot of doctors in front of me, there were about seven, all boys. Inside I said, what is happening? I did not understand anything. You can see that in a second I vanished.”

“I didn’t go anywhere. Look, they asked me, ‘did you go somewhere up there?’ No, no, I didn’t go anywhere because I said so. It’s like I fell asleep, I couldn’t wake up. That was the feeling, but nothing happened, I didn’t see anything, it wasn’t my life,” Duro de Domar’s “Mini” assured the journalist’s followers.

Finally, “Mini” closed: “I have tremendous faith, I trust God so much and he always takes control of everything that happens to me. If we trust in him we will get ahead. Trust in a God is so important, where science cannot reach, God comes there.”.

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