Soledad Pastorutti combines the same garment in different ways: the key to winter

Determined to make history with her own career, to meet her goals and add milestones, Soledad Pastorutti He never stops succeeding with his music and the news around it. Furthermore, she accompanies every moment of her profession with fashion.

The “Brindis” singer is one of the most eclectic personalities in the fashion world, since she knew how to combine her music with her closet. Soledad Pastorutti achieves extremely elegant combinations that can be worthy of stages.

The black blazer is the new cover-up.

Instagram feed Soledad Pastorutti It is a great fashion showcase. The artist usually has at least two costume changes on each carousel she shares. Thus we saw one of the most exemplary combinations that can be used both in winter and summer.

Soledad Pastorutti He showed off with a garment as a wild card: a black blazer and combined it with a strapless mini dress with extremely thin straps and a small opening on the side. She wore makeup with earthy colors and a very dark smoky brown on her eyes. Her hair, as always, with some waves to give volume.

The dress you must have.

This is not the only outfit that the Arequito interpreter used, He previously combined the blazer with a black t-shirtbut she finished off the meeting with the journalists in Mexico with a more chic outfit worthy of street style with all the details taken care of to the maximum.

Soledad Pastorutti She chose a faded black skinny-cut jean and combined it with a corset in the same tone, on top of which was a shirt with vents and metal buttons. Around her neck was a silk scarf with gold details; This composition gave her more sweetness while she kept the same makeup and hairstyle..

A very imitable outfit.

The achievement of solitude

During the time she was in Mexico, dedicated to recording the new version of her album, “Raíz”, together with Lila Downs and Niña Pastori, Soledad Pastorutti He did not stop sharing the most endearing moments on social networks, but this weekend he finished off with the news.

The singer, recognition and her colleagues.

“Music endures over time and so does his affection for ours. Today, ‘Raíz”s first album is already a gold record thanks to you.” Thus, the artist celebrated her arrival to a larger audience and thanked them for the affection with which they received her in Mexico.

Jeremías Audoglio, Sole’s husband.

After all the adventure, the sole He returned to Argentina and posted it through a story: “Back to my beloved payment, from which I never left.”

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