Tinelli: “I have no doubt that there are envious or jealous colleagues”

Tinelli: “I have no doubt that there are envious or jealous colleagues”
Tinelli: “I have no doubt that there are envious or jealous colleagues”

with humor Marcelo Tinelli talked about his look with pink hair that he chose to wear since he arrived in the United States to cover the Copa Américachatting with Karina Mazzocco in “In the afternoon” where she said that “My hair could be a mixture of Fury and Chirolita” but in reality he did it in homage to the colors of Inter and, as he told Messihe will leave it throughout the Championship.
From the W in New Jersey where the families of the National Team players also stop, Tinelli He talked about the coverage he does with his cousin El Tirri and he said that people ask for photos of him with the tattoo he got on his leg with the image of Leo.
chose to speak to clarify the controversy that sparked Marina Calabro when she said on radio Miter that the “Cousins ​​of America” program had been lifted.

“It appeared everywhere, and in some with viciousness, “Cousins ​​of America” was not designed for television and when we saw that we had material we decided to make a program in a hurry with what we had and we said let’s make two programs, before the game and after the game and it didn’t have a good rating, it didn’t have promotion…so since we didn’t have the rights and since they didn’t let us enter the stadium, we decided not to do the program on Friday, I put it on myself and I put it up myself.” explained Tinelli.
“I have no doubt that it generates envy or resentment when you travel, but I am a person who does not hold a grudge and no one raised it, I raised it myself because we did not have equipment from the field, but I felt a lot of cruelty,”
clarified the host and producer.
“I am the first one to take on my hair.”” said Tinelli, talking about the color he chose these days.
“I have no doubt that there are envious or jealous colleagues for making a note to Messi.”” he added “But what they said seemed too much to me, the cover of a newspaper???, that’s not good.”
“I am looking to return to the American screen with “Cantando” and I have another humor format that will take us longer because it needs a casting throughout the country. The idea is to return in August with about 20 couples, Jose María Listorti was going to lead it, but I would do it,”
ended Marcelo not without failing to clarify that he is still dating Milett.

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