Video of Beéle kissing Isabella Ladera and at the Copa América

Video of Beéle kissing Isabella Ladera and at the Copa América
Video of Beéle kissing Isabella Ladera and at the Copa América

Beéle no longer hides what he feels for Isabella Ladera, who even uploaded a video together.

In the last hours, Beéle has given us something to talk aboutafter the ex-wife Camila Rodríguez, confess that he ‘Calor’ interpreterand he was unfaithful. She stated that she had wanted to talk about it for a while, but out of respect for her children she was not going to talk about this topic. However, in several videos of her on her social media, she broke the silence and was even criticized for how she started her whole story with him.

In the midst of this, Internet users wanted to know who the alleged lover of Beéle. They discovered that it was apparently Isabella Laderaa Venezuelan influencer who found in the United States. Due to this controversy, she decided to speak, but instead of improving things, they criticized her for her gestures when she left a particular message, highlighting that she had hurt no woman.

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This surprised everyone, then Beéle himself stated that there had already been ended his relationship with Rodríguez. However, she did not talk about everything that has been mentioned about Ladera, she only dedicated herself to publishing how well she had done at her concert in Australia. Then, there was something that caught a lot of attention, and it was a bear.

Video of Beéle kissing Isabella Ladera

This does not end here, because after weeks of all this problem, the same Beéle uploaded a video with Isabella. Something that left more than one person with their mouths open, given that, in the midst of the controversy that has been generated by their relationship, they never thought of seeing them together in a ‘clip’ of Very happy TikTok.

Another detail that no one went unnoticed was when the interpreter of ‘Calor’ gave a tremendous kiss to Isabella Ladera. The events occurred when the two of them were alone in a dark space and there, the two approached and kissed.

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