Natalia Jiménez denounces that she was discriminated against in a restaurant in the US for speaking in Spanish

Singer Natalia Jimenez failed the restaurant gigi’s hollywoodwhere, according to her testimony, she was discriminated against for speaking Spanish, as she recounts in a video in which she recommends that Latinos not attend, because they told her that they kicked her out because she was speaking too loud, however, she considers that the true reason was because he was speaking in Spanish on FaceTime with his daughter.

“It is not the first time that I feel that I am being discriminated against for speaking Spanish in the United States, but today has been incredible! I was talking to my daughter on FaceTime in the restaurant and it turns out that the people in the restaurant were bothered to such a degree I was thrown out of the restaurant, there was a table next to me with four girls who were speaking louder than me. It bothered them that I was speaking in Spanish. Don’t come here! Terrible service with Latinos. They have them working there, but they don’t They want us as clients”, reads the message with which he accompanies his video.

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Followers of the Spanish singer, a former member of La quinta estación, applauded that she did not remain silent and that she denounced these reprehensible attitudes: “Thank you for not keeping quiet. Because silence stimulates the executioner. A big hug from Argentina.” “Castilian. Aesthetically it is, along with Italian, the most beautiful languages ​​there are. Discriminate! It is ironic. The most beautiful language there is cannot be discriminated against. And US English is not English. It is a dialect. It is a version filthy English. The only well-spoken English is British.” “How sad that these things happen, imagine everything that the Latino community lives and that they do not have the opportunity to make public, often for fear of reprisals,” are some of the comments that are read in the publication in which they They recommend tagging the restaurant that has disabled comments on Instagram.

Natalia Jiménez denounces discrimination.


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