Italy bans Puppy Yoga to protect puppies’ well-being

Health authorities have declared the use of young animals in yoga sessions illegal, a practice that has been gaining popularity in various health centers. fitness Worldwide.

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In a significant turn towards animal protection, Italy’s Health Ministry has made it illegal to use puppies in yoga sessions, a practice known as Puppy Yogawhich had gained popularity in various centers of fitness Worldwide. The decision follows a series of concerns expressed by animal protection associations and media reports that highlighted the possible harm and stress to which the puppies are exposed.

According to the statement issued by the One Health Department of the Ministry of Health, the regulation of Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) in Italy requires that all animals used be adults. This guarantees both the safety of users and the well-being of the animals involved. The current regulations, established in the Agreement between the Government, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, specifically prohibit the use of puppies in these practices.

The statement also emphasizes that the Puppy Yoga Not only does it contravene guidelines on animal welfare, but it also distorts the principles of traditional yoga, being more of a commercial showcase for the sale of puppies than a beneficial or therapeutic practice.

Following this new legislation, local authorities will be responsible for monitoring and enforcing the ban, ensuring that fitness centers and other establishments no longer offer this activity. This measure represents a significant advance in the fight for the respect and protection of animal rights in Italy, aligning with a global movement towards more ethical and sustainable practices in the management and care of animals.

The veterinary community and professionals in the animal health sector have applauded this decision, highlighting the importance of adhering to practices that promote animal welfare and respect current regulations on animal-assisted therapy. With this step, Italy reinforces its commitment to being a leader in animal protection and respect for the life of all living beings.


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