“Try new things”: Ángela Torres revealed if she would have an open relationship with Rusherking

“Try new things”: Ángela Torres revealed if she would have an open relationship with Rusherking
“Try new things”: Ángela Torres revealed if she would have an open relationship with Rusherking

Ángela Torres told details of her relationship with Rusherking (La casa streaming)

More than a month after confirming his relationship with Rusherking, Angela Torres He lives one of the most sentimental moments of his life. So much so that the singers share many aspects of their lives and even release music together. Despite these signs of love, in recent weeks a rumor began to circulate that the young people would maintain an open relationship.

Everything happened when the interpreter of “The pink life” was invited to Rumis, the La casa streaming program. There, Torres was consulted by Sol Perez: “I remember that you were one of the first to talk about open relationships and polyamory.” Far from any version, the artist responded without a filter: “Yes, but maybe now it came out that I am in an open relationship and I am not. I don’t know why it appeared everywhere. It is something that is put together with others, it is not one’s own decision all the time. Always in love I am in a search, I do not settle on an absolutist truth about something, it is complex, more so in love. Besides, one changes all the time.”

Then, Diego Torres’ niece referred to her personal experiences: “I haven’t been in an open relationship for a long time, I didn’t have a relationship like that with my previous boyfriend either. It went well, I learned a lot. I recommend it. It is also questioning yourself and trying new things.” Following the theme of the day on the program, Angela talked about her first dates. After reflecting a little, the singer did not remember bad situations, although she expressed: “I never had a bad date, I didn’t have many dates either, I’m always dating. In the end I am much more basic than I would like, I want to be more rebellious.”

Ángela Torres told what her first date with Rusherking was like (La casa streaming)

In that sense, the board asked him what his first meeting with Rusherking was like. “I don’t know if we had a first date, because we were very friends before, it was never like ‘I don’t know who you are, let’s get together for a drink,’” the young woman revealed. Not happy with the answer, Lizardo Ponce, a friend of the artist, redoubled the question: “I already know that you met him friends, but in the first meeting, when they were alone, what did they order to eat? With nervous gestures, Torres took his handkerchief and waved it at the driver while responding: “I don’t know, Lizardo, I don’t know. We drank wine the first time, there was already trust. For now we don’t live together.”

The first time that Ángela confirmed her romance with the singer was during her visit to Mirtha’s Night (The thirteen). Sitting at the diva’s table, the young woman was approached with Chiqui’s classic questions. “Who are you dating? You have to tell me, you have to tell Chiqui,” the host asked her guest, putting her between a rock and a hard place, to which Torres replied: “Oh, Chiqui, let’s get together for a cup of tea.” and I tell you. What a question, Mirtha.”

At that moment, the singer tried to avoid the question and told him: “No, well, with Tomi (for Rusherking) we released a very nice love song, which we recorded the video clip in New York. It’s called Half. It’s a ballad. “We love each other a lot, we get along very well,” Torres explained, throwing her outside.

Immediately afterwards, Mirtha asked: “But there is no romance? Tell me the truth. “I can’t sleep with this intrigue.” Meanwhile, Ángela answered with a laugh: “Oh, yes, I imagine that at night you think about that. Well, we love each other very much…” Then she added: “But let’s not burn it, right? For me you don’t have to say things before… Right? But I love him very much.”

“Why don’t you tell me that you’re in love,” Chiqui insisted, and meanwhile, Angelita continued: “No, well, it’s a lot, Mirtha. Being in love and saying it publicly just like that. Words as imposing as falling in love,” she closed with laughter, making it clear that she was with the singer but that they still did not want to put a title on her relationship.

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