14 years after the last episode of Lost, what happened to the actors’ lives and what they look like today

14 years after the last episode of Lost, what happened to the actors’ lives and what they look like today
14 years after the last episode of Lost, what happened to the actors’ lives and what they look like today


On a day like today, but 14 years ago, ended what many consider one of the best series of all time: lost. The story of the group of passengers who survived on an island after their plane crashed became an international phenomenon.

The last episode of Lost premiered on May 23, 2010.

Yes ok The cast varied a bit over the six seasons., there are some characters that were forever impregnated both in the memory and in the hearts of fans, from the evil Benjamin, to the brave Jack and the beloved Hugo. Some actors continued with outstanding careers in hollywoodwhile others will always be remembered for the role with which they achieved fame.

Matthew Fox played surgeon Jack Shepard on LostArnold Jerocki – WireImage

Matthew Fox -who is currently 57 years old- was one of the big stars of the show created by JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof. Her character of the surgeon Jack Shepard It became one of the favorites and was a benchmark for the series. However, when Lost came to an end back in 2010, he didn’t have great performances. In 2012 he worked in the film Emperor with Tommy Lee Jones, in 2015 he acted alongside Brad Pitt in World War Z and at the end of that year he released what is his last film to date: Cannibal Frontier with Kurt Russell.

Without a doubt, after playing Kate Austen in lost For six seasons, the professional career of Evangeline Lilly was on the rise. He was part of important film franchises: between 2013 and 2015 he played Tauriel for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies and in 2015 he joined Marvel. In the role, Hope van Dyne co-starred, alongside Paul Rudd, in the Ant-Man and also appeared in Avengers: endgame. His most recent work, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniawas released in 2023. At 44 years old, the actress continues to be active both in Hollywood and on social networks.

This is how Evangeline Lilly, the actress who played Kate in Lost, looks today (Photo: instagram @evangelinelillyofficial)

At 51 years old, Jorge Garcia live a great professional present. Although it is true that many remember him as the beloved Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, the truth is that the actor completed his resume quite a bit in the last decade and a half. He starred in the film The 6 ridiculouswas part of the cast of Hawaii Five-0 and currently shines in the comedy series bookie which in January was renewed for a second season. There she shares the recordings with Sebastián Maniscalco, Omar Dorsey, Andrea Anders, Vanessa Ferlito and Charlie Sheen.

Jorge García remains active on Instagram, where he has almost 250 thousand followers (Photo: Instagram @pronouncedhorhay)

Daniel Dae Kim He gained a lot of popularity after playing the enigmatic Jin-Soo Kwon in lost and from then on he didn’t stop working.

This is how Daniel Dae Kim, the actor who played Jin-Soo Kwon in Lost, looks today (Photo: Instagram @danieldaekim)

He was part of the leading cast of Hawaii Five-0 – where García was also -, in 2015 he joined the saga of Divergent and in addition to special participations in several series, he also provided the voice for the film disney, Raya and the last Dragon. Her last work on the big screen was last year, in the film Joy Ridewhile this year the Netflix series premiered Avatar: The Last Airbender.

If there is a character who knew how to earn both the hate and the “love” of fans of lostthat is Benjamin ‘Ben’ Linusplayed in a great way by the American actor Michael Emerson. This was evidenced with the Emmy a Supporting Actor who won in 2009.

Michael Emerson, the remembered Ben Linus, from Lost (Photo: Instagram @officialmichaelemerson)

The fans had little time to miss him, since, at the end of lost returned to the small screen as the protagonist of Person of interest, which had five seasons. Since 2019, meanwhile, he has been in charge of the series Evillike Leland Townsend and recently released fallout on Amazon Prime Video.

Two years ago, Josh Holloway revolutionized social networks by sharing the reunion with his colleagues Daniel Dae Kim and Harold Perrineau. Fans were thrilled to learn that the actors who played James ‘Sawyer’ Ford, Jin-Soo Kwon and Michael Dawson continued to stay in touch despite the time.

Josh Holloway, the actor who played Sawyer in Lost (Photo: Instagram @officialjoshholloway)

A day like today, but 14 years ago, Holloway He said goodbye to Sawyer, a character who generated love and hate throughout the six seasons. But when she finished lostJosh continued acting in films such as Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and The battle of the year. Furthermore, between 2016 and 2018 he was the protagonist of the series Cologne.

The actor was the one who put himself in the shoes of John Locke. Before being chosen for the series, he already had an extensive career on film sets. He participated in many television series: Blacklist; Blacklist Redemption; Castle Rock; Hawaii 5.0; Perpetual Grace and Patriot.


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