Don’t throw away plastic drums: look at this beautiful material bag that you can create in a very easy way

In the world of recycling and imagination, all those elements that you are about to throw away can be transformed into the ideal decoration for your home, and here we show you what to do with them. drums.

With an important commitment to the environment, It is a DIY creation with which you can make a useful matero bag to carry mate everywhere.

Give the drums you have stored a second chance.

Economical, modern and ecological, this is the matero bag made only with drums plastic, a recycling project to which you can give your personal touch with the materials you have in your home.

With one of the drums of 10 liters that you no longer use, we get to work. First, cut this recycling item, which will be a multi-use bag, with a hot knife to remove the top of the container.

A model of a mat bag with a container lined with fabric and laminated.

Next, have two rectangles of fabric ready: one will be the inner lining of your bag made with drums plastic, while the other will become the outer lining.

On the other hand, look for the handles of the bag. You can give a second chance to the blind straps, backpack tape or make some handles with the same fabric you have left over.

If you like knitting, you can knit the lining of your DIY bag.

Now, it’s time to sew or glue the rectangles with which you will cover one of the drums that you used for the mate bag. Remember to measure it well with the tape measure before cutting, then join and add the lining to your plastic container.

On the other hand, use cardboard as the base of your bag and cover the imperfections with the fabric you used for the outside of the DIY creation.

For painting fans, we invite you to paint your can and add some rustic handles.

This way, you will have an ideal bag to carry mate, on college days, for shopping or simply to visit your friends.

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