This would be the one chosen by Marlon, expelled from Challenge 2024, to be the captain of Beta

This would be the one chosen by Marlon, expelled from Challenge 2024, to be the captain of Beta
This would be the one chosen by Marlon, expelled from Challenge 2024, to be the captain of Beta

Marlon, the most recent eliminated from the 2024 Challenge, has given a lot to talk about on digital platforms due to the violation of the regulations he committed in La Ciudadela. In dialogue with, the former Beta captain reveals which man he would like to replace him.

Initially, he says that he cannot ignore the great influence that Darlyn has within the team, as he points out that she has been in charge of raising the flag and has even worked tirelessly to keep them all united.
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Likewise, he adds that, although he thinks that the men in his group should make a little more effort to show their strength and their voice to their rivals, he believes that there are very good players who have everything necessary to win the Captains Challenge. .

“We were given very quiet men, a little more reserved. Hercules is more of a person who follows instructions and Yoifer is not a leader. I would believe that Arandú due to competitive performance“But I don’t know if he adapts to that leadership role,” expresses in the middle of the meeting.
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Who does Marlon see in the final of the 2024 Challenge?

The young man affirms that without a doubt he sees a member of the blue house and another of the purple one advancing in production and showing all Colombians what they are really made of.

Arandú and Kevyn are the finalists because that’s what they showed me in competition. The first has all the capabilities to beat anyone on the reality show. He would have a lot of rivalry with Kevyn, but it depends on the test,” ends.
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Marlon becomes the second expelled from the 20 Years Challenge

Andrea Serna called the members of Alpha, Beta and Omega to announce that a rule had been broken by the leader of the blue house by having taken a protein bar when his group could only consume sausages for having obtained second place. in the eighth cycle Sentence and Hunger Challenge. This meant her immediate expulsion from La Ciudadela, leaving a great void for the other competitors, especially Luisa.

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