How to defeat the Shadow of Yharnam in Bloodborne and its rewards

How to defeat the Shadow of Yharnam in Bloodborne and its rewards
How to defeat the Shadow of Yharnam in Bloodborne and its rewards

We teach you how to easily defeat the Shadow of Yharnam in Bloodborne and the final rewards that we will get by winning the fight

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In this Bloodborne guide we are going to see how to defeat the Shadow of Yharnam, a main and obligatory boss that we will have to defeat in our adventure. The Shadow, or Shadows, are found at end of the Forbidden Forestthere is no loss, we will find them in a fairly large clearing behind the boss fog.

  • Strategy against the Shadow of Yharnam
  • Rewards

We start with some tips for combat, in which we show you the boss’s weaknesses to defeat him without problems. Further down are the item rewards or blood echoes (the souls of this souls).

Strategy against the Shadow of Yharnam

Let’s see what is the best way or some tricks to easily kill this boss:

  • Base health: more than 7,000 between the three shadows.
  • This combat is tripleagainst three different shadows, a magician and two swordsmen, but each with slightly different attacks. The first thing is going to be to keep our distance and be aware of the next phases that are upon us.
  • Can use the environment to cover ourselves and make some shadows dizzy, very useful to gradually lower the life of each one. In this case there are several options, either you lower the life of all the shadows at the same time or you finish with one and continue, in order (it is recommended to start with the magician who throws fireballs at us, he is the one with the least life).
  • When they lower their life a lot They will transform and take snakes out of their bodygaining new attacks, and being more aggressive in general.
  • For this fight it is possible summon Henryk, if we have followed Eileen’s story. Also if equipped with the rune “Impurity” we can invoke Madaras younger twinanyone can be very useful to us to entertain some shadow.


Finally, after defeating this boss we will obtain the following rewards:

  • Caryll Rune, Blood Rapture
  • 18,600 echoes of blood
  • 97,948 Blood Echoes on NJ+

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