The alleged embezzlement on the “Soy Rebelde” tour reveals the breakdown in the relationship between the members of RBD

The alleged embezzlement on the “Soy Rebelde” tour reveals the breakdown in the relationship between the members of RBD
The alleged embezzlement on the “Soy Rebelde” tour reveals the breakdown in the relationship between the members of RBD

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The controversy over alleged financial embezzlement related to tour “I am Rebelde Tour” continues to reveal the Fractured relationships between singers by the Mexican band RBD.

The controversy broke out after accusations against Guillermo Rosas, former manager of RBDfor the alleged diversion of funds generated during the successful tour.

While members like Dulce María, Maite Perroni and Christian Chávez have publicly addressed the issue, Anahí has ​​been the only one who has not directly referred to the alleged embezzlement.

However, after a series of statements by Chávez, his partner on stage, The 41-year-old Mexican singer, who played Mía in the series, finally broke her silence facing the situation and hinted at the relationship he currently maintains with the rest of his RBD colleagues.

To journalists, the singer and also actor Christian Chávez clarified the alleged distancing with Anahí.

“We are brothers and like in all families, you don’t see each other all the time, we saw each other a lot and now we said that’s it. As a family we also all have disagreements, but it does not mean that we are angry, for nothing,” he explained.

However, when asked about the rumors that link Anahí along with her husband Manuel Velasco Coello with the alleged financial embezzlement, Chávez avoided denying or affirming the fact: “I can’t tell you anything about all those things, because they are gossip,” the singer expressed.

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However, after this response, Anahí did not hesitate to throw a hint at the member of RBD through their social networks. On her official X account, the singer categorically denied her accusations: “It’s not just gossip. It is absolutely false. Unclear answer. Sadly, she is losing her memory,” wrote.

The “Sálvame” singer had also been strongly criticized by her fans after sending a birthday congratulations message to her controversial former manager.

“In my book of life there is no room for resentment. I keep happy memories and quickly forget those that could hurt. Life is so short, we are just passing through… Time has made me understand it and from there I am grateful for everything. Even the not so pretty. A free heart holds no baggage. Happy Birthday. I wish you peace, love and health always, Guillermo Rosas”, were the words that Anahí sent to Rosas through her Instagram.

After the “rub”Chávez used his networks to share some selfies with Maite Perroni, showing an apparent union and good relationship between the two, despite the apparent tensions in the group.

But Maitein front of various media, He took the opportunity to defend Anahí from the rumors. “I think we have to respect more, and really not destroy something that is as beautiful as what we have built throughout our history. I think it is important that there is respect, a lot of respect, because in the end they are very harsh statements,” he said.

Irregularities have already emerged”

Regarding the investigations being carried out against the former manager, the actress and singer Dulce María, had detailed that “like any company where there were irregularities, We are in audits and irregularities have already emerged from the first audit, “It’s not gossip,” she clarified, being the first of the four to refer to the scandal.

Likewise, Maite Perroni’s husband, Andrés Tovar, had explained that “there is an audit in progress. They are reviewing all the internal issues of the tour and are also considering talking to the companies involved. to look at the issue of resources, where are they? How much is it?” Tovar had said on the Mexican program ‘Ventaneando’.

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