The looks of the night: how the nominees and the host of the Martín Fierro Radio Awards prepare

The looks of the night: how the nominees and the host of the Martín Fierro Radio Awards prepare
The looks of the night: how the nominees and the host of the Martín Fierro Radio Awards prepare


On Sunday, June 16, the Martín Fierro awards are presented to the Radio, a ceremony in which the Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (APTRA) will award the most outstanding work of the 2022 and 2023 seasons of the AM and FM of the country. The party will take place in La Rural and will be broadcast live across America, hosted by Karina Mazzocco and Fernando Dente, from 8:45 p.m. But first, at 7 p.m., V flower will be in charge of leading the Red carpet and all prior to delivery. THE NATION spoke with some of the nominees who They advanced some of the dresses they are going to wearalthough they also wanted to keep some details to themselves to surprise when they arrived at the party and not go unnoticed.

Karina Mazzocco She is going to wear a Nuria dress Well, black, transparencies and lace, with great craftsmanship. “It is a spectacular dress, body-hugging. A work of art. Once again I trust Nuria, who dressed me in the last Martín Fierro, her and Celina González Balcarce, my stylist; at Sole Vergara, my makeup artist, and my hairstylist Leo Leiva. And I am going to wear Cipriano jewelry, which accompanies me at big events.”

V flower She also gave details to LA NACIÓN about her look: “I’m going to be dressed by Adrián Brown. I have two fabulous options, but the final decision is always made on the day of the event, when I have my hair and makeup done. The dress chooses me. They are of different colors and very different styles as well.”

Flor de la V will be in charge of leading the Martín Fierro red carpet: “I have two fabulous options, but I always make the final decision on the day of the event”

Cristina Perez is nominated for Best Work in Female Driving (Radio Rivadavia) and chose a dress by the designer Gabriel Lage. “He is a genius. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is a beautiful dress. And I’m going to wear Jean Pierre jewelry, he makeup Luli is from De la Vega and her hair is from Leo Cosenza,” he told this medium.

While, The letter G He added about Pérez’s look: “It is a dress that characterizes our brand, from the latest collection and absolutely handmade; It only has one basic type that is purchased, the rest is all handmade. It is a dress that I love because I love the work it does and it makes me very proud to be able to do it in Argentina. It is a haute couture piece that is seen a lot in Europe and can be achieved in Argentina as well. It gave me great pleasure to meet Cristina because she is a woman I admire, an excellent journalist and person. We had crossed paths, but I had never dressed her and it gives me great pleasure to do so.”

Tamara Pettinatonominated as Entertainment Columnist (Radio con Vos) will go with a design of Santiago Artemis. “I have several dresses and I’m going to choose at the last minute, for sure. But always very Artemis because she has crazy things that I love,” she said with a laugh.

Paula Trapaninominated in the category Best work in female conduction of AM (Radio del Plata), chose a dress by designer Marian Saud, long, with a low back and in midnight blue.

Nancy Pazos She is nominated for Best Female Journalistic Work (Radio 10) and she will wear a dress imported from Noi Fiestas and the jacket is from Sol Sosa Valiente and both on the front and on the back it has a text that reads: ‘Be brave. Be strong. Be bold.’

Juliet Pink is nominated for Best Performance in Female Driving on FM (Urbana Play) and chose a dress by designer Rocío Rivero, a corset with a black skirt, and red Toval shoes.

Marcela Tauro chose a bottle green Aischa Hallar dress with glitter

Pia Shaw She is nominated as Entertainment Columnist (CNN Radio) and will wear a dress by Camila Romano, the same designer who chose Carolina Amoroso, nominated for Best Female Journalistic Work. “It is a dress strapless black color that I love; very simple and very cute. The shoes are by Sylvie Geronimi and the accessories are by Luna Garzon,” Amoroso detailed.

Dominic Metzgernominated in the category Best Female Hosting on FM (Continental Radio), chose a dress by the designer Javier Saiach, long velvet, the shoes are from The Stiletto Girls, jewelry from Claudia Stad, a clutch from Flaneuer and her makeup and the hair will be in the hands of Bano Maldonado.

Maria O’Donnellnominated for Best Female Journalistic Work (Radio con Vos), is going to wear a short María Cher dress, but preferred not to reveal the color to surprise when she arrives on the red carpet at the awards ceremony.

Romina Manguel, who hosts the program Dont leave for tomorrow (Radio con Vos) competing in the Best Evening Cycle category, decided to wear her own dress, which she has already worn on other important occasions because she not only feels “comfortable” but also believes that it is a good message to give at this time she is going through. the country.

Marina Calabro She is nominated for Entertainment Columnist (Mitre) and bet on a new designer, whose line of designs is classic and elegant. “Fundamentally, I want to feel comfortable, without violating the gala code that an event of the stature of the Martín Fierro deserves. The designer is Camila and the brand is Leona C. It is a silk skirt with a large slit, and a paillette corset. All in night blue. Ricky Sarkany’s shoes and Luna Garzón’s clutch and accessories,” she told LA NACIÓN.

Marcela Taurus She is also nominated as Entertainment Columnist (FM 100) and chose a glittery bottle green Aischa Hallar dress.

Mercedes Ninci, who competes for Best Movilera (Mitre), will dress in a design by Roberto Piazza, like Nora Briozzo, who seeks to win a statuette for her work in female voice over (Del Plata). “I don’t have anything prepared because I work all day and I don’t have time. I’ll probably choose it on the fly and I’ll go with my daughter Florencia, who is an actress and is 21 years old,” Ninci said.

Maju Lozano opted for a sustainable design

Sofia Martinez, the only woman nominated for Sports Commentator (Urban Play), is going to wear one of her dresses. “It’s long, black, very simple,” she said.

Catherine Fulop She is not nominated specifically, but she is nominated for the cycle in which she participated, The Moro club (The 100), which competes for Best Program of General Interest. She will go with a Ménage à trois dress and styling by Vicky Miranda. “I can’t say anything, but it is a dress, very sexy, long and with cleavage,” Miranda said.

Maju Lozanonominated in the category Best Female Hosting on FM (FM 100), is going to shine a suit of silk and wool, handcrafted by Haeder, who has a sustainable design project.

Meanwhile, Gino Bogani is going to dress Teté Coustarot, which is nominated for the Journalistic Career Award (Radio 10). “It is a black velvet dress covered with moiré, in gradient, in rust tones. Completely on the bias with wide puffed sleeves,” detailed the designer.

Fernanda Merdeni, production and programming manager for America, will wear an exclusive design by Pupé Teté, made of microtulle embroidered in micro paillettes, French blue, whose highlight is centralized in the upper part, in its original sleeves and in its beautiful back. “It is a design that marks and highlights your figure,” explained Luciana Najun, from the Pupé Teté press department.

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