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Shakira revealed the real plans she had with Piqué before breaking up; Clara Chía put an end to them

Shakira left millions of people in the world speechless with the unexpected turn she gave to her reality, turning the page regarding her personal life to focus on her professional life. The Barranquilla woman did her internal process, healing the wounds that remained after her breakup with Gerard Piqué.

The Colombian, at all times, tried to remain silent and keep her position away from controversies, focusing specifically on her two children, Milan and Sasha. In fact, the singer only granted interviews to certain media, opening the doors of her heart to the pain she felt.

The singer broke the silence regarding her ex-partner. | Photo: Instagram @shakira – @3gerardpique

According to what was known, the celebrity spoke with Rolling Stone and pointed out the ideas that surrounded his union with the Spanish. In the talk she was precise that they had agreed to move from Barcelona, ​​because their projects focused on very different terrains.

First of all, Shakira revealed that it was already a fact that Gerard would say goodbye to the soccer industry, so her plans were to move to the United States to raise her children and thus start, again, the career in which she worked for so long..

However, the unfortunate thing happened and their relationship ended very badly in the middle of 2022, completely cutting off these projects that were put on the table at some point. Even though she supported him and put her career on hold, she knew that her life was far from Barcelona.

The singer talked about what happened in her life when she broke up with Piqué. | Photo: Frame, 2:07, The Tonight Show Starring Jim

“Being in Barcelona was a great sacrifice for me and my career. It was difficult to maintain that continuity. It was very complicated to take people to Barcelona. Every time I wanted to do a session, I had to plan it months in advance,” she commented at the beginning.

The plan was always that, when my ex retired from professional soccer, we would go live in the United States and finish raising our children there, for all the sacrifice I had made all those years accompanying him to play. The idea was to come here, but that moment coincided with the separation,” he added.

In the end, plans do come true, just in different ways”, he mentioned.

Shakira is the founder of the Pies Descalzos Foundation.
Shakira said goodbye to the dreams she had after the breakup with Piqué. | Photo: FilmMagic – Getty Images
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