Sergio George denies alleged romance with Yahaira Plasencia: “She is not interested in me”

Sergio George denies alleged romance with Yahaira Plasencia: “She is not interested in me”
Sergio George denies alleged romance with Yahaira Plasencia: “She is not interested in me”

Because Sergio George has resumed his professional relationship with Yahaira Plasencia and that they are even recording new songs, rumors of a possible romance between them have resurfaced. The protagonists of this affair have totally denied it.

Yahaira Plasencia He has indicated that he has a lot of respect for the music producer and that he sees him as his grandfather, but ‘Serch’ did not like this comparison at all. For his part, the musician completely ruled out that anything had happened between the two. “Do I have to fall in love with all the singers I work with? I’ve been doing this for many years. It has never happened nor will it happen,” he said for América TV.

But this time in conversation with Yahaira Plasencia on his podcast Youtubepointed out that this is because many people in Peru think that it is common for there to be a love relationship between a producer and his singer.

“They are used to seeing a businessman treat an artist in one way because there are other benefits. And since they don’t know me and I feel like people who don’t know me, I don’t work like that. I have never worked like this. I searched on the internet and no one can say anything about me because it hasn’t happened,” she said.

And in another he commented that he has never had a romantic relationship with any of his artists. “No, never and that is easier to find out in this business because everything is known… Maybe they think that’s what I am (that the producer has an affair with the artist)… I’m not that,” she stated.

Sergio George commented that nothing ever happened between Yahaira Plasencia and him. Video: Yahaira Plasencia/YouTube

But at another point in the interview, Sergio George He confessed that there are several artists who write to their social networks with a double intention, but above all there are very young girls.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but they’re 20 years old, the oldest one is 30, and they write to me,” said a surprised musician.

The latter bothered the ‘Patron’ and she pointed out that she is the same age and does not consider herself old. It was at that moment that Sergio George He made it clear that the Peruvian singer does not have any love interest in him.

“Hey, I’m 30, what’s wrong with you Sergio?” the singer clarified and the producer responded: “But you’re not interested in me.” “No, obviously not,” the Peruvian answered, making her feelings clear.

Sergio explained that he did not mean that women over 30 are adults, but rather that they are of that age at most, who write to their digital platforms. “I didn’t say that, those who write to me are that age,” he said.

He also commented that there are Peruvian artists who have made advances to him, but he did not want to detail the names or the genre to which they work. “Some more aggressive than others, yes, more than one has directly and indirectly hinted at me. But I don’t fall into the game,” she explained.

Sergio George responds to Yahaira Plasencia after she said that he looks like her “grandfather” and denies romance rumors: “It won’t even happen.”

Sergio George generated controversy when explaining the reasons why he preferred to work with Yahaira Plasencia and not with Daniela Darcourtwhen he first arrived in Peru, to sign and produce the songs of a national artist.

Sergio George He explained that he became interested in Peru because it was a salsa country that had great exponents, among them, Daniela Darcourt. He indicated that the most striking thing he found about it was the large number of views on his official account. Youtube.

“I first tried with Daniela because she had great numbers on YouTube, now I don’t know if they are purchased numbers or not, you really learn a lot of things…she interested me in the numbers…” he pointed out first.

Then, the successful producer, winner of several Latin Grammy awards, pointed out that the main reason why he does not work with Darcourt It was because I wasn’t interested in making urban salsa. “But what I am looking for, I prefer Yahaira Plasencia, who is an urban salsa…”, he indicated.

Sergio George explains why he preferred Yahaira Plasencia over Daniela Darcourt. YouTube: ‘Talking with Yaha’.

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