“I always try to follow your example” – Publimetro Chile

“I always try to follow your example” – Publimetro Chile
“I always try to follow your example” – Publimetro Chile

Kel Calderón, renowned influencer and lawyer, He surprised his followers by publishing an emotional video on Instagram on the occasion of Father’s Day. In her record, the influencer dedicates heartfelt words to her father, Hernán Calderón, highlighting her gratitude and admiration for him.

This touching moment was part of a campaign for a alcoholic beverage brand, but what really impacted was the connection and affection that the duo showed, once again.

In the video, Kel and Hernán are seen entering a bar, where Hernán begins to talk about his daughter: “My daughter has many virtues and strengths, but although for me they are a source of great pride, there is nothing more important than her enormous spirit of solidarity with the people who need it most”.

Kel, visibly moved, read a letter to her father where she expressed: “Dad, I know it may sound cliché, but no one could understand the pride I feel in being your daughter, in growing up knowing that I have a dad who would give everything for me. “It is the greatest gift the universe could give me.”.

Hernán, for his part, responded moved to his daughter’s words: “She is always worried about how to help those who need it most, she has enormous sensitivity, for which she blames me,” he said, adding: “I I tell him that the important thing in life, apart from values, are feelings and that they are not a weakness, but, on the contrary, a great virtue.”

The influencer also thanked her father for all the support and values ​​instilled throughout her life: “Thank you for never leaving me alone, for guiding me with clear values ​​and teaching me not to lose sensitivity to the pain of another,” she confessed. . Kel added: “Although sometimes I don’t succeed, I always try to follow your example, because although not many know it, in addition to how brilliant you are, the most beautiful thing you have is your heart.”.

This emotional video not only moved Kel’s followers, but also reflected the deep relationship and mutual respect that exists between father and daughter.

It should be noted that the Calderón Argandoña family experienced a major breakup, after Nano, the youngest son of Hernán and Raquel Argandoña, attacked his father with a knife, after which he was detained. After this episode, Kel Calderón distanced himself from his brother and his mother.

Since then, Kel has always been very close to her father, Hernán Calderón, with whom she has a very complicit relationship, according to what can be perceived on social networks.

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