Everything you need to remember about ‘House of the Dragon’ before watching the season 2 premiere on Max

Everything you need to remember about ‘House of the Dragon’ before watching the season 2 premiere on Max
Everything you need to remember about ‘House of the Dragon’ before watching the season 2 premiere on Max

The wait is over. There are just a few hours left until the premiere of the second season of the dragon house, which comes with the renewal for a third under the arm which, given the success of the series, is not a surprise, but it does give the viewer the peace of mind that the story will have continuity and an end. A guarantee that has become increasingly scarce in recent years.

After a first delivery that covered a period of almost 20 years, in which relationships were established between the main players on the board, and time was given for the relationship to grow. second generation of Targaryens who will fight in the Dance of Dragons, the episode that premieres on Monday the 17th on Max will resume the action just a week after the events that occurred the last time we saw the series.

Taking into account everything that is at stake, and that almost two years have passed since the end of the first season, we have prepared a summary for you with what to remember about this saga that left the history of the Targaryens at its highest and most dramatic point, and with a great war in the making.

Viserys and Rhaneyra in episode 1 of ‘The House of the Dragon’.

The ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ Prophecy

In the first episode of the series, King Viserys tells Rhaenyra that Aegon dreamed of the Conquest: “Aegon saw what was coming and wanted to unify the Seven Kingdoms to be better prepared for the threat he saw was coming at some point in the north.”

That threat is what has been called in the series as the A Song of Ice and Fire prophecy: “When the great winter comes, all of Westeros must face it. And for the world to survive, a Targaryen must occupy the Iron Throne. A king or queen strong enough to unite the kingdom against the cold and darkness.”

Viserys on his deathbed

Deathbed confusion

Viserys organized a (last) dinner for his entire family in which there was, while he was present, a spirit of reconciliation with moving toasts on both sides.

With decades of quarrels apparently resolved, the dying king went to bed satisfied and thinking that he could die peacefully. However, in the midst of his delusions from the effects of poppy milk, Viserys mistook Alicent for Rhaenyra. and answering the question his daughter had asked him the night before, with his last breath, he said that he believed Aegon’s dream was true.

But Alicent, who was unaware of the prophecy, understood the only thing that could be understood from the confused words of her dying husband: that Prince Aegon was the chosen one: the conqueror. “Okay, my king.”she said, ready to make his last wish come true.

Aegon, the second of his name.

Aegon II

When Alicent entered the council she learned that they were already planning to install Aegon as king over Rhaenyra, who was already returning to Dragonstone not yet knowing that her father had died.

Criston Cole murdered the only council member who opposed the coup. Days later, and after forcing the lords and ladies of King’s Landing to choose a side under threat of death, Cole crowned Aegon in the Dragon Pit with the crown and the sword of the Conqueror before all of King’s Landing.

The princess Rhaenys, whom Alicent had attempted to imprison in the Red Keep, ruined the festivities when he tore through the ground with his dragon Meleys. To everyone’s surprise, Rhaenys did not choose violence. Instead, he flew to Dragonstone to alert Rhaenyra about Aegon’s seizure of the Iron Throne.

Emma D’Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra in ‘House of the Dragon’.


Rhaenyra’s coronation

Contrary to her advice, Rhaenyra, who had just received the news of her father’s death, did not respond with fire and blood to her brother Aegon’s betrayal. He showed restraint and He debated whether he should renounce his claims to the crown in order to maintain the peace and unity of the kingdom, as expected of her according to the prophecy of Aegon The Conqueror that her father revealed to her.

Was named Queen on Dragonstone with her father’s crown brought to him by Arryk Cargyll, who decided to join this side while his twin brother Erryk stayed to serve in Aegon’s Kingsguard.

Rhaenyra then sent her two eldest sons, Jace and Luke, to see if the Lords of Westeros remembered their oaths of loyalty to her. When recruiting allies for her side, the Greens and Blacks will go to the Lord of Winterfell. in addition to other important houses such as the Tyrells, the Arryns and the Tullys, who remain undeclared by either side.

Aemond on Vhagar watching Luke die

Luke’s death

When the prince Lucerys came to Storm’s End to seek the support of the House Baratheon found a furious Borros and his cousin, Aemondwho wanted one of his eyes to take revenge: an eye for an eye.

Luke decided to set off back without the support he was looking for and Aemond followed him in Vhagar. While Aemond chased after Luke to spite him a bit, Vhagar killed both Luke’s dragon and the young prince. As Viserys said to his daughter Rhaenyra in the first episode: “The idea that we control dragons is an illusion”They are weapons of war.

“With Luke’s death the war of crows, emissaries and marriage pacts ended, which began the war of fire and blood itself,” reads the book by George RR Martin on which the series is based.

And thus begins the Dance of Dragons.

The first episode of the second season of ‘The House of the Dragon’ premieres on June 17 on Max.

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