Sign up for the musical premieres that will mark this summer 2024: from Camila Cabello to Imagine Dragons – Music

Sign up for the musical premieres that will mark this summer 2024: from Camila Cabello to Imagine Dragons – Music
Sign up for the musical premieres that will mark this summer 2024: from Camila Cabello to Imagine Dragons – Music

Heat, beach, pool, cold drinks… Summer is here and it doesn’t come alonebut at the rate of great songs and lots of music. Although this era is full of songs that have become classics, like ‘Despacito’, several artists have opted to release new CD in this season of the year.


This date has been chosen by DJ Kygo to launch his fifth album, ‘KYGO’. In this project we will be able to listen 18 themes, among which we will find the already known ‘Whatever’, along with Ava Max; and several collaborations that promise to leave us in shock. For example, ‘Healing’, along with Hermanos Jonas; or ‘Louder’, with Julia michaels. Julia, who released a song for the Disney movie ‘Wish’, has not released an album for several years.

This same date we will have new Taylor Swift songthanks to the project Grace Abrams. She was opening act of Swift during much of ‘The Eras Tour’ last year, which made her career take off in a huge way. Gracie prepares to release their second album‘The Secret of Us’, and, when he shared the ‘tracklist’ of this project through social networks, we found a pleasant surprise. The topic will be called ‘us.’ and will be included among the other 11 songs and the ‘bonus track’. This was the ‘post’ that revolutionized the world yesterday afternoon: “JUNE 21. shouting very loudly………..”


As we have been telling you for weeks on the website of the best musical variety, CADENA100, Camila Cabello is coming to break with your past self and all through his album ‘C, XOXO’. This will be his most personal project. “It was very important that the album felt that way. Pop music is very uncomplicated, it has only one side. In a strange way, this album shows those chaotic scenarios, once toxic; and I think all human beings are like that – complicated, messy and super complex.” manager of the artist, Gold, continued talking about the perspective of music in the industry: “There is pressure in general not to change things too much: If something isn’t broken, you don’t have to fix it. Camila is not this type of artist.” If you want to know the complete tracklist of ‘C, XOXO’, click on this news item on our website.

His ex-colleague in the girl band Fifth Harmony, Normanihas also released new music this June, specifically his album ‘Dopamine’, available since friday the 14th.

Imagine Dragons He will also bring his new album this June 28th. This is how Dan Reynolds, the vocalist, described what the creation process has been like: “Working on this album has been a roller coaster – as it always has been. Some days the songs came from a sad place, from heartache, and other days from joy and joy. Search. We already know two topics about this project: ‘Eyes Closed’ and ‘Nice To Meet You’which perfectly capture the sound line to which we are accustomed.


The actual Princess of pop, Sabrina Carpenterwill put rhythm to the month of August with his sixth studio album, ‘Short n’ Sweet’. This project will include his singles ‘Espresso’ and ‘Please Please Please’with which the artist has placed herself at the top of the streaming charts.

“‘Short n’ Sweet’, my new album, arrives on August 23rd!!!! This project is quite special for me and I hope it is special for you too,” Carpenter was so excited. We will have to wait until almost the end of August to discover What surprises does Sabrina have? hidden up your sleeve.

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