This is the most beautiful immersive Alice in Wonderland exhibition you will see this year

This is the most beautiful immersive Alice in Wonderland exhibition you will see this year
This is the most beautiful immersive Alice in Wonderland exhibition you will see this year

The New York Botanical Garden He has achieved it again. Once again, the New York Botanical Garden has created a natural exhibit that we already want to travel to. If at the beginning of spring, we announced an exhibition based on the world of orchids, now in May they have inaugurated an exhibition on Lewis Carroll’s classic, ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Pay attention, because ‘Wonderland: Curious Nature’ It can be visited until October 27, so there is still time to organize a trip. This immersive presentation is one of the most beautiful created to date in the large botanical garden. Visitors will have to navigate a maze of vegetation in search of the white rabbit, just as Alice, the protagonist of the Disney classic, did. Inspired by the story, they have created an immersive journey located in Haupt Conservatory. In his words: “it is a magnificent display of flowers, contemporary art installations, fantastic tea parties and exciting nighttime experiences that await the curious and adventurous.”

More than 1,000 m2 of garden house an exhibition that mixes horticulture with contemporary art and an archive of one of Disney’s most emblematic stories, as it has its own library. In Merz you can delve deeper into the work of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with information about plants and fungi that could have inspired the story. Another part of the route that they wanted to highlight the most is the enormous rose garden that blooms precisely in June and remains blooming until September.

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The atmosphere of the exhibition transports the visitor to a wonderland from the first moment. A huge giant rabbit made from plants marks the beginning of the route. This work has been done Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal (MIM), a Canadian company dedicated to natural sculptures.

From that moment, you just have to follow the route, a group of plants in an English garden mark the path. Water lilies, Amazonian plants, giant mushrooms, and even a garden endemic to the Canary Islands appear in this plant labyrinth that heads towards the elusive rabbit’s hole. There the story comes to life, everything takes on disproportionate shapes and sizes: in this part of the route you will find the strangest and most attractive plants in the NYBG collections. The Chinese Devil’s Tongue (Amorphophallus konjac), the giant African milkweed (Calotropis procera) and the Myrmecodiaa plant from Australia that serves as a home to ant colonies, will be just a few of the many strange but beautiful plants that will be featured in this Wonderland Garden.

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