“It’s impressive how they accompany you”

“It’s impressive how they accompany you”
“It’s impressive how they accompany you”

What happened?

The contest will be held in July. Miss Chilean event that seeks to place a national representative in the famous international competition: Miss Universe 2024.

One of them is Camila Allana dental surgeon who lives with his parents and sister in the Maipo Drawer. She detailed what his life is like with seven german shepherds and “Kika”, your little mini yorkshire.

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Your pets

Camila explained, in dialogue with Las Últimas Noticias, that “shepherds are very friendly, but they also have that protective instinct. We started with a couple of dogs and all the rest are their children.”

He added that “Kika is the only one who enters the house, because the others are many and very big. She has a lot of personality, she is a good fighter, possessive and when any dog ​​wants to enter the house, barks and bites them”.

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mini yorkshire

The Miss Chile candidate revealed that her little Yorkshire is the oldest of the entire pack, since she is eight years old. “To human visits, if he doesn’t like you, it will never stop bothering you. She is like that,” she said.

“They are always supporting you and For me, Kika is my source of protection. It is impressive how they accompany you and try to be your best friends,” she concluded.

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