“El Mompirri” released a trailer for the new season of Pedro el escamoso

“El Mompirri” released a trailer for the new season of Pedro el escamoso
“El Mompirri” released a trailer for the new season of Pedro el escamoso
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In the midst of the boom of repetitions and premieres of new seasons, Caracol launched the new trailer of Peter the Scaly, starring himself Miguel Varoni, and which will premiere on Tuesday, July 16, on Caracol TV and the Disney + platform.

In the new trailer you see “Mompirri”, dressed as a motorcyclist, with a strange helmet, arrive at an office to ask Pedro Coral Junior, to whom he introduces himself as his “daddy, pedrinchi”, after which he begins to dance the famous “pirulino”.

The comedy returns to the screen 20 years after its success on national and international television. In the new story, Pedro makes the decision to return to his country with the intention of reuniting with his friends, family and especially his son, but he finds a completely different reality.

Miguel Varoni takes up the character, while Carlos Torres will be Pedro Junior, the son of the protagonist, with whom he reunites after two decades.

Of the actors who were in the original 2001 series, in addition to Miguel Varoni, who was the great manager of this new production, there appear Marcela Mar (Mayerli), Andrea Guzmán (Yadira), Juancho Arango (Enrique Bueno Lindo) and Álvaro Bayona (Pastor), among others.

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They are joined by Ana María Trujillo, with a character who will be vital in the life of ‘Mompirri’.

The big absences are Sandra Reyes (Paula) and Alina Lozano (Nidia). The direction is by Juan Carlos Vásquez, Andrés Marroquín and Juan Carlos Villamizar.

After the original success of Peter, the scaly one, The sequel was broadcast in 2003. Like Pedro for his house, based on the life of the scaly man’s little son, now, 20 years later, comes Pedro, the scaly, son of a tiger, comes out painted.

To compete with Betty

This return coincides with the premiere of Ugly Betty, The Story Continuesfor July 19through the Prime Video platform.

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To the cast of this new stage of Betty, written by paisa César Augusto Betancur, better known as “Pucheros”, author of, among others, Rigo, Las Hermanitas Street and The selectionappear Rodrigo Candamil, Zharick León and Juanita Molina, who will play Betty’s teenage daughter.

In the new story, starring Ana Maria Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello, 90% of the cast that made up the successful 25 years ago will be there. I am Betyy, the ugly one. Among the major absences are those of Martha Isabel Bolañoswith his popular character of Pupuchurra, and Luis Mesa, as Daniel Valencia.

At the same time, RCN will repeat from this Tuesday, June 18, the original story, the one from 1999, in the 8:00 pm slot, from Monday to Friday, as a tribute to the 25 years of Fernando Gaitán’s original production.

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