“She looked cold, very gray”: Belinda’s makeup artist criticizes Ángela Aguilar’s look for her supposed wedding with Christian Nodal

“She looked cold, very gray”: Belinda’s makeup artist criticizes Ángela Aguilar’s look for her supposed wedding with Christian Nodal
“She looked cold, very gray”: Belinda’s makeup artist criticizes Ángela Aguilar’s look for her supposed wedding with Christian Nodal

Belinda’s makeup artist said that Ángela Aguilar looked gray (Photos: Instagram)

The well-known makeup artist Alfonso Waithsmanwho has collaborated with Belinda several times, recently criticized the Italian’s work Stefano Comelli in the supposed wedding arrangement Angela Aguilar.

Waithsman’s comments focused on mentioning that Stefano would not have highlighted Ángela Aguilar’s beauty because he had some mistakes with the application of blush, despite this, the work would have looked great because the regional Mexican singer is a 20-year-old teenager.

It was during a live broadcast with Álex Kaffie on his YouTube channel that Waithsman ranted against his colleague, as he assured that although Italians usually have hairstyles as a strong point, in reality they are not so skilled with makeup, according to him, Stefano did not demonstrate adequate knowledge of the morphology or proportions of Christian Nodal’s partner’s face.

This is what the singer looked like with makeup by the famous person (Photo: Instagram)

Waithsman considers that proportion and symmetry are key to achieving an ideal job, but he assured that the way Angela was made up made her look “very cold and gray.”

Likewise, he indicated that the leaked photos of the event showed makeup that looked attractive in profile, but that when looking at the frontal shots, an unusual separation was noticeable in Ángela Aguilar’s eyes. “The eyeliners would have played a very important part in finding balance and, above all, harmony on the face,” explained the Mexican makeup artist.

The La más draga judge also criticized the choice of color palette used by Stefano, stating that it made Ángela Aguilar look dull on “a day as special as her wedding”—it should be noted that it is not yet confirmed whether she married Nodal in Europe—but he made it clear that he would have used warm colors.

In his analysis, Waithsman commented that the blush was placed incorrectly by Stefano, distributing it throughout the cheek instead of concentrating it on the lower part of the cheekbone. According to Waithsman, blush should be applied high on the cheekbones to achieve a more harmonious look. “The color of the mouth is regular, the blush is very poorly placed, very poorly located; “He put it on the entire cheek when it only goes on the lower part of the cheekbone,” he said.

Stefano Comelli: the Italian makeup artist who would have aired the wedding between Ángela Aguilar and Christian Nodal (Photo: Instagram)

The photos and a short video were enough for both Internet users and the media to start speculation, considering the possibility of a wedding in Rome. According to media reports, the makeup artist publicly thanked Aguilar for having his services, but did not specify the reason behind the session.

The rumor of a marriage between Nodal and Aguilar was supported by the entertainment journalist Maxine Woodside, so upon insistence, the Italian makeup artist Comelli pointed out that the most important thing for him is the privacy of his clients, so he is not going to clarify what type of event Ángela Aguilar had or if she only had a makeup test.

“I have read many comments about Ángela Aguilar’s story. “I would like everyone to know that for me, the privacy of all my clients is a priority, so I will not give any interviews or statements about gossip,” she wrote.

(Instagram @stefano.comelli)

Between wedding rumors and even pregnancy, the memes and criticism against the new couple in the Mexican region have not been long in coming, even a social media user made a remix of the statement where Ángela Aguilar said “I’m going to be an aunt,” in reference to Cazzu and Nodal’s pregnancy.

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