The photo that confirms Fer Dente’s courtship with an actor from Rent

The photo that confirms Fer Dente’s courtship with an actor from Rent
The photo that confirms Fer Dente’s courtship with an actor from Rent

Pablo Turturiello is a Uruguayan actor, singer and composer. He is 25 years old and has lived in Argentina for almost five years. When she finished high school she traveled to New York to study acting at Marymount Manhattan College.

In 2020 she made her first appearance on television as a singer alongside Floppy Tesouro in the latest edition of Cantando, hosted by Ángel de Brito and Laurita Fernández.

The young man made several appearances in series and in 2022 he released his first single as a solo singer, Vivir sin vos. He also made the musical Footloose, for which he was nominated for the Hugo Awards in the category of Best Male Lead Performance.

Fer Dente confirmed that she separated from her boyfriend after three years of relationship: the reasons

Minutes after Angel de Brito reveal about the end of THE M (América TV) the separation of the actor and host from his partner after three years as a couple, Fer Dente He referred to the topic and spoke sincerely to the audience of the successful late night show on the Palermo channel.

“Before continuing with Noche al Dente, I want to thank everyone. My cell phone has exploded with messages. It is something that touches me for being here every day with you, we open our hearts both we and you. We accompany each other every night , which is the most beautiful thing. Especially with everything we are experiencing right now in the country.”were her first words to confirm her separation from the actor Nicolas Di Pace.

Fer Dente and Nicolás Di Pace.jpg

While he continued: “It’s good to be able to have this meeting to think about something different, to connect with other things. But well, as you know, Thank you Ángel de Brito who just shared it on LAM. A while ago we separated with Nico. It’s all good, it was life, things that happen. Of course it’s a difficult time.

And finally, he confided how he is going through this personal moment, stating: “Like everyone who has gone through a separation, No matter how much everything ends well and with love, the pain is always there.“. “So I thank you who, without knowing it, accompanied me this time and to the entire team that works on this program who knowingly did so. Only my closest circle knew. It’s all good, all joy. “Thank you for caring.”closed with an open heart.

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