China Ansa’s emotional message to her daughter on turning one year old: “Your smile gives us strength to move forward”

China Ansa’s emotional message to her daughter on turning one year old: “Your smile gives us strength to move forward”
China Ansa’s emotional message to her daughter on turning one year old: “Your smile gives us strength to move forward”

China Ansa celebrates her daughter’s first birthday (Instagram)

It’s been a year since Josefina China Ansa Motherhood changed her life. According to herself, “This family is a dream come true.” In this way, complete and happy, this Monday he entertained his daughter India, who turned one year old. The girl, the result of the Telefe journalist’s relationship with the former soccer player Diego Mendoza, He had fun with his mother’s proposal by taking some photos for a birthday production. Dressed in a black skirt and a white shirt with ruffles at the neck, India celebrated with a smile every time China came up to photograph her.

Elegant, with stockings can can white and a black bow on her neck, which matched another on her head, India (as her parents call her) enjoyed the sunny day in her home park with her family. The journalist shared the production of photos of her on her feed on Instagram, and he also did it in his stories. With an emotional message, she dedicated some tender words full of feelings of love.

“06/17/23. 1st year. Happy birthday and life, beloved Indu”, He began writing the dedication to eternalize this moment. “Seeing you smile is the best thing that happened to us in our lives. How nice it is to know that we learn to be parents with you. You teach us every day to be better people. Your little hands restart us, your kisses complete us and your smile gives us strength to move forward. Life in threes IS MUCH MORE FUN. And you are our greatest achievement and dream, come true. “I wouldn’t change us for anything, because there is no place where we are more comfortable than sleeping all on top of each other,” he completed his message along with a red heart emoji.

China is experiencing a moment of profound growth on a personal and professional level. It is worth remembering that the journalist was chosen by the channel where she works to cover the Copa América in the United States along with Marley in the cycle Around the world. “I’m going to the Copa América, to support the Argentine National Team and I still haven’t fallen. But I’m not going alone, Marley’s locomotive takes me,” she shared her joy when recounting the happy offer they made her.

China Ansa’s emotion when talking about motherhood: “I would like to have the strength of my mother” (Video: PH, Podemos Hablar, Telefe)

Invited, a few months ago, to the program PH, We Can Talk (Telefe), China Ansa spoke about her feelings regarding motherhood and even recalled an episode she experienced during her childhood. “My mother and I slept one night in a square because we had nowhere to live,” The panelist began by opening her heart. “It’s not that we didn’t have enough to eat, but at that time we didn’t have a guarantee to rent and no one would rent to us without a guarantee,” she said. Likewise, she thanked all the people who helped them at that time. “We lived at friends’ houses who gave us a place,” she recalled.

Later, visibly moved and with tears in her eyes, Ansa reiterated that she would like to have her mother’s strength in every moment she has to go through. It should be remembered that the news of the pregnancy was happily received by the couple and also by all their colleagues on the Telefe newscast. At that time, she had announced it at the close of one of the editions of the cycle. “I’m going to tell everyone because my colleagues here have known about it for a long time, but hey, we were being as cautious as possible to wait for the dates… I’m very pregnant!” the journalist had announced last February, when closing of an edition of The people’s news.

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