Jorge García is captured after gaining weight again and sets off the alarms: He exceeded 130 kilos

The actor who played Hugo “Hurley” Reyes generates a lot of concern among his friends, even though he insists that he is “fine.”

Jorge García had achieved a notable weight loss.

The image does not lie: Jorge García was captured after gaining weight again: according to the Radar Online site, the actor known for representing Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in “Lost” registered more than 130 kilos. This caused concern among his friends.

After ending his participation in the popular thriller series, his path was winding: from 2010 to this point, he went up and down on the scales… but now, according to his loved ones, he is in a spiral of weight gain that seems to never end. .

Furthermore, despite trying to keep a low profile, each public appearance – especially in recent times – drew attention to this issue. The worst: there are conflicting versions about his state of health. As we mentioned, people close to the protagonist of films like “The Wedding Ringer” are on alert.

However, he does not agree with this opinion: in fact, one of these people warned that “He is very aware that the people around him are very worried, but he insists that he feels fine. He has been living with this problem for a long time, so he assures that it is not as serious an inconvenience as others think.

Jorge García, star of

Jorge García, star of “Lost”, sets off all the alarms when he is caught again in a worrying condition / Capture

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