With an “atrocious basement” and famous and anonymous participants: this will be the new Big Brother Chile, which will be recorded in Argentina

With an “atrocious basement” and famous and anonymous participants: this will be the new Big Brother Chile, which will be recorded in Argentina
With an “atrocious basement” and famous and anonymous participants: this will be the new Big Brother Chile, which will be recorded in Argentina

The hosts Diana Bolocco and Emilia Daiber revealed what the Chilean reality show will bring, which will take place at the house of GH Argentina

Big Brother Chile It will return to TV in the second half of 2024 with several modifications compared to the previous version. After the good numbers obtained in what was the first edition of the reality show, all that remained was to adjust the times and undertake what will be the second season of the cycle, with some significant changes, even compared to the Argentine version.

One of the main differences has to do with the fact that, on this occasion, The house will have 10 famous and 10 unknown participants who must face various tests and challenges to stay in the house. The driver Diana Bolocco, sister of Cecilia Bolocco, revealed through the official Instagram account of the cycle that “there will be great competitions of super demanding physical tests for the participants”.

Furthermore, he said that “There is going to be a basement, which is an atrocious place where no one is going to want to be. and no one is going to want to sleep.” According to what he indicated, the participants who lose in the team events will have to live there. “The truth is that it is a terrible place that has no comfort and the food is little. So probably the players are going to give their lives to win the competition,” she said.

Thus, unlike what happened in other countries, coexistence will not be 24 hours a day for everyonesince the winners will enjoy a more comfortable bedroom and more supplies.

The first edition of Big Brother Chile took place in the Argentine house, in the same way it will do in this new edition

The introduction of the “basement” is presented as one of the most significant innovations of the reality show. This strategy seeks to increase the tension and drama within the game, offering a more intense and demanding experience for participants who fail to stand out.

The studio where the galas and classic debates will be held will be in Chile, while the property that will be used this year will be, as in the previous edition, that of Argentina. and here it will be Emilia Daiber, who will be in charge of carrying out activities inside the house. This change seeks to provide new dynamics and maintain the interest of the public.

“Big Brother is coming with many firsts,” Daiber highlighted and then referred to the “extreme” tests that the players will undergo. “There will also be space to relax, they are going to have parties, and I repeat, I am also going to be there establishing certain dynamics and certain games,” he said about the edition which he described as “ultra, mega recharged.”

The basement of Big Brother Celebrities from the United Kingdom (2013) (Photo/www.birminghammail.co.uk)

About his feelings, in conversation with The time From Chile, Emilia Daiber assured: “I am still, to be honest, assimilating it, but very happy. I think it is a very important challenge in professional terms for my career. I am also grateful that they have given me this opportunity. Delighted to work with Diana, whom I deeply admire.”

Even, Michelle WassermanSVP of Banijay Rights -the company that owns the format for Latin America, the Hispanic United States and Brazil- expressed: “The renewal of Big Brother in Chile demonstrates once again the strength and success of the program, and joins hundreds of seasons produced worldwide.”

Although the house’s participants have not yet been finalized, only in its first edition, GH Chile won an award in the Big Brother Awards, held in Amsterdam. There, the participant Monica Ramos, 78 years old and of whom a large number of memes were made, was recognized with the award for “Grandma with the best style”, in an award ceremony where surpassed Sharon Osbourne herself, 71 years old and was part of Celebrity Big Brother UK for 8 days.

I can’t believe I beat her, I think it’s wonderful, It means that simple people are also rewarded,” he expressed in dialogue with the Chilean press, later explaining that “I still have my purple hair and that is not going to change. Even if the occasion is very elegant, I try to go as I am, not represent something.”

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