I want a hamburger: the top 10 from Mendoza

1- Stacy Burger

Stacy Burger works in the brand new Moreno Market a gastronomic hub recently opened on 585 Mariano Moreno Street of the Fifth Sectionin City.

The place surprised with its smash-style hamburgers and an aesthetic typical of American hamburger restaurants.

Despite having been active for a short time, this proposal maintains a perfect score on Google: 5 stars from 51 opinions from extremely satisfied customers.

2- Zandy

Zandy Chips & Burguers opened in the middle of the pandemic after its owners, a young couple, lost their jobs.

At first they only worked with the take away modality, but with a lot of effort they managed to grow until they were able to open their store for the comfort of their customers.

They are located in 1,035 San Martín avenue in Luján de Cuyo and they have 4.9 stars and 259 opinions on the web giant.

3-The Burgues

Another proposal that has been operating in the Mendoza burger market for a short time is El Burgues, whose premises are located in Arstides Villanueva 362 town.

It also specializes in smash burgers with quite peculiar names, such as “Milei”, “Dragón”, “Chapuln”, “Mike Tyson” and “Nirvana”, among others.

With just over four and five months active, it has already obtained 107 reviews with an average of 4.9 stars on Google.


4-La Yunta

La Yunta Beer & Burger is a space for those looking to get away from the City a little and relax with a beer while enjoying a delicious burger.

With its premises that operate in Pinzn street at 3,429 The Bermejo, Guaymallnhas a more classic style and moves away from North American aesthetics.


5- Broken Burger

To close the string of hamburger restaurants with 4.9 stars (56 opinions) appears Broken Burger .

It operates at night, only under take away modalities and with delivery through Orders Now. Its location is located at 695 Damin Hudson Street of the Sixth Section of the City.


6- Roswell

With a name that refers to the town of New Mexico, USAwhich was the scene of the best-known UFO case in the world, Roswell Burgers opened its first location in San Martín Sur Avenue 2,603 of Godoy Cruz.

Not long ago, in October of last year, it opened its second branch in Arstides Villanueva 372 and conquered the most popular street in the City with its otherworldly hamburgers.


7- Burgers Style

For just over a year and a half, Estilo Burgers It has a menu of “super smashed” hamburgers that are its main attraction.

At your location Arstides Villanueva 284 of the City, you can also taste signature drinks and on weekends it offers live sessions by local DJs.

On Google, diners gave it a rating of 4.8 stars, which came from 51 reviews.


8- Memphis

Memphis American Burgers is already a classic Mendoza burger restaurant that has been in the local gastronomic market for several years.

With an imprint inspired by the iconic American fast food chain Five Guysis located on street Suipacha 501 of the Sixth Section, in the City.

Thanks to the 399 left by its clients, it achieved a rating of 4.7 stars that positioned it within the “Top Ten”.


9- Smash Club

Smash Club is a burger startup that operates in Juan Jos Paso and Pan-American route from Lujn de Cuyo.

They define themselves as “burger dealers” and do not have a place to eat, so they only offer take away and Order Now delivery service. On Google they have already reached 4.7 stars and 182 opinions.


10- The Family Burger

From 2022, The Family Burger keeps burger fans happy in Guaymalln. Its premises are located in Adolfo Calle 307 of Dorregoa few meters from The shore.

Based on the 153 opinions that users provided on Google, they stand out with 4.6 stars.

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