The contracts are extended but the municipality must seek fiscal balance

After several hours of meeting at the Government House of Neuquén, the mayor of Loncopué Daniel Soto together with part of the provincial cabinet, They agreed on a plan to dismantle the conflict generated by the layoffs at the municipal plant. Province committed to providing assistance to local management.

In total there were 146 discharged, of which 90 were reinstated and The remaining 56 complained about their uncertain future. After the meeting, a 30-day extension for these contracts was agreed upon.

The provincial government showed in detail the numbers of the latest contributions made to the municipality and explained the need for Soto’s management to work on its own fiscal balance. Mainly in the number of personnel “that exceeds the amount of human resources necessary by 100%”they detailed from the Province.

He was present at the meeting the Chief of Staff, Juan Luis Ousset; the Minister of Human Development, Local Governments and Women, Julieta Corroza; the Minister of Government, Jorge Tobares and of Labor, Lucas Castelli who offered the coordination of 10 jobs for the Añelo area. This offer was well received by the representatives of the laid-off employees, who were part of the table.

According to reports, the provincial government also promised to provide training in trades and promote work in the private sector to alleviate the jobs that burden the municipality of Loncopué.

In exchange for the provincial actions, a plan was agreed to achieve the reorganization of expenses in the local government. For this, personnel will also be provided to assist the municipal administration in updating rates, increasing collection and other fiscal tools.

The municipality stated that there were several workers who do not fulfill their tasks and who still continue to be paid, which is why they will be summoned, summed up. and consequently they will definitively lose their positions. Furthermore, it was agreed that by means of an ordinanceall personnel income or new hires are frozen.


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