Milei and organized crime

Milei and organized crime
Milei and organized crime

The “Bases” law, after an initial and embarrassing frustration in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, was again presented by President Milei, but this time reduced to 232 articles (the previous one had 664).

The new model maintains in its articles two proposals of extraordinary importance and unpredictable consequences for the lives of Argentines. True and unprecedented Trojan horse.

In the first, contained in the initial articles of the norm, Milei asks that powers be delegated and that he be empowered to prepare and sanction laws.

In that sense, every bill is a proposal to regulate the lives of citizens. In some cases, knowing the characteristics of the person making that proposal helps to evaluate it and, if appropriate, promote or reject it.

In the case, Javier Milei is a colorful character who came to power imitating Leonardo Favio, sometimes with a scarf on his head and other times, shaking his studiously tousled hair like the rock star, which in one facet of his delusions he imagines himself to be.

He also repeatedly showed a particularly violent image on television, either attacking female journalists, his economist colleagues, or destroying piñatas and models of the Central Bank with blows.

Thirdly, it was possible to observe in images that traveled around the world his emotional breakdown in front of the Wailing Wall or when he refers to biblical passages and claims to be Aron, sent by God to communicate what Moses – his sister Karina – has difficulty with. be (according to Milei), a stutterer. His crying is not just a product of emotion. These are processes of disorganization that he frequently suffers from.

A fourth sign of instability that is equally striking and even more aggressive is the recurrence of ideas that refer to sexual violence and pedophilia as well as using conditions of disability as an insult. What stands out among his rantings is his definition of the State as “the pedophile in the kindergarten, with the children chained and bathed in Vaseline” (sic).

Beyond the wide menu of names that can be given to the President’s conduct in the field of mental health, in the context of these reflections, some clear statements emerge. In Javier Milei, a lack of emotional dams, essential for life in society and especially for correct institutional performance, is demonstrated. Added to this lack is the reiteration of contradictions in his speech regarding the measures that he maintains will improve the lives of Argentines, while their immediate consequences cause greater anguish, pain and even death every day. .

In this way, President Javier Milei, with the characteristics of his personality already known and newly synthesized, proposes himself as the recipient of powers constitutionally granted to the nation’s Congress.

Delegating legislative powers to a person with the degree of manifest and evident imbalance that Milei presents, is a sign of irresponsibility and may eventually lead to legal consequences for its authors.

Transnational Organized Crime

The second issue raised in the proposal is linked to criminal organizations to whom the law in question generously opens the doors.

In that sense, the Base Law flagrantly violates the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (Palermo Convention) and its Annexed Protocols, approved by the National Congress on August 1, 2002 through Law 25,632.

In this regard, the Incentive Regime for Large Investments (RIGI) contained in Title VIII, Chapter 1, arts. 161 to 222 in particular:

1.- Promotes arrival to the country and provides a shielding framework never before attempted for capital belonging to transnational organized crime with regard to the laundering of millionaire sums of money from drug trafficking and other serious international crimes that are defined in the Convention and its Protocols.

2.- Grants total legal immunity for 30 years to people or transnational organizations that come with more than 200 million dollars (especially art. 162 et seq.). By art. 175, armored immunity cannot be altered even by subsequent laws: “From the date of accession to the RIGI inclusive, the VPU (Single Project Vehicle) will enjoy an acquired right comparable to ownership over the incentives provided for in Chapters IV, V , VI and X of this Title, and other rights resulting from the RIGI, which It may not be violated or affected by subsequent regulations. and that it will have the stability provided for in this RIGI.”

3.- Put the RIGI above the State (art. 163 inc. g) and of the Central Bank (art. 197 subsection d)

4.- It guarantees regulatory stability tax, customs, exchange and regulatory to the VUP for 30 years, not modifiable by subsequent legislation.

In other words, if the law is repealed, criminal organizations will be able to continue laundering money for 30 years. Their benefits will also continue if new, more restrictive laws on tax, customs or exchange matters are enacted (art. 198).

In the case of the Criminal Tax Law, the Customs Code and the Criminal Exchange Regime, both natural and legal persons whose directors have been convicted of these crimes may join the RIGI as long as it is a conviction in the first instance.

In terms of crime, in the project there are no restrictions on those convicted in any instance for drug trafficking, human trafficking, international arms trafficking or any other criminal figure in our Penal Code. Not even if they had a firm conviction.

Furthermore, it provides that any future legislation or regulation that restricts or modifies the benefits will be rejected with the sole “exhibition” or presentation of proof of adherence to the RIGI (art. 202). That is, it grants an unusual card of impunity.

It is important to remember that the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its Annexed Protocols is fully in force in our country, as well as the aforementioned law, Law 25,632. Their complaint could only be made through the mechanism provided for in article 40 of the Convention. That is, by written notification to the Secretary General of the United Nations. The denunciation will take effect one year after the date on which the Secretary General received the notification. It is evident that the true drafters of the project (who do not know if they speak our language) must not be aware of this high standard of our country.

It should be added, in addition to the specificity and seriousness of the violations cited, the Bases Law infringes the broad constitutional regulations contained in article 75 inc. 22 of the national Constitution.

Finally, it is worth remembering that tyrants in history have frequently insulted legislators. In fact, the closures of parliaments have been constant in the authoritarian regimes of the region. Already in ancient times, despotic emperors expressed their contempt for legislators in the most diverse ways. This is how the brutal Caligula tried to appoint his horse Incitatus as Senator, who had a villa with servants and marble stables.

In our country, the disvalue that the President of the Nation feels for the members of Congress is explicit since, among many other adjectives, he called the deputies rats. Maybe that’s why he convinces himself that he can legislate. Faced with this, at a time of true tragedy for the most vulnerable sectors of society, the Senate’s responsibility is enormous. The cruelty of the President today translates into a law of unprecedented dangers for the existence of the institutions of the State as we know it. By suspending the delivery of oncology drugs, Milei is causing individual deaths. It is necessary to warn that if the Trojan monstrosity were approved, the risk to the health and lives of millions of inhabitants, as well as to democratic existence, would exponentially increase.

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