The University of Chile de Álvarez

The University of Chile de Álvarez
The University of Chile de Álvarez

After three years flirting with relegation and with very bad administrative and sporting decisions, it seems that this 2024 University of Chile is finding peace and tranquility, since there are several factors that at this start of the season have the blues sailing in calm waters and safe, at least for now.

They brought in a technician who always declares with moderation and prudence. He doesn’t make intemperate or rabid fan comments. Álvarez transmits that internally and, in addition, in many games his tactical clarity and how he gets the message across to his players is reflected.

A lot of merit is born there. In the leader. And for now, the team is showing solidity and with passages of very good football. It is not an amazing team, but it manages to be consistent in many facets.

Having to concentrate on a single tournament allows them to work all week on the key and fundamental aspects, but the blues’ requirement for this year is to be in the fight for the title. The coach is very clear about this, as he molds his players according to the demands of each date.

He put together a squad to his liking, with the key pieces that the U required. It does not have megastars, but it does have a more balanced squad than other years, with important contributions from the majority of those who arrived.

Castellón, Calderón, Hormazábal, Díaz and Guerrero have responded well so far. Clearly, Leandro Fernández is the player who makes the difference in the game, with an inspired Palacios who has established himself as the blue bomber.

The U has already overcome a tremendous hurdle. Winning after 22 years on the Macul court. That record cannot be erased and regardless of what happens at the end of the season, that karma is over.

Now come enormous challenges for the blues, looking for that elusive crown that they haven’t had for a while. For now they look well profiled, taking into account that they have only played 10 dates, but they still remain undefeated.

That is why the U of Álvarez is a huge dream for the blue people, after many years of suffering. And the other key thing is that the blue leadership to date remains on a secondary level, which also adds a lot.

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